Waiting on the Son

You spend a lot of time waiting on the sun in Kauai in the winter.


We rented some bikes yesterday and road a couple miles down to this beach:


We were thrilled to have found a log to hide behind as we lounged on the beach because the winds have been pretty strong. We sat and waited for sun breaks, then we would quickly lay down and soak up the sun! Sit up again and watch people, assess the cloud coverage and then lay down and soak some more. After this hide and seek game it was time to return our bikes.

We snacked on some fruit and made our way to the shaded pool. More waiting on the sun almost 2 hours went buy as we watched the clouds move and tried to predict the sun breaking through. It was worth the wait because as soon as those rays graced my face I felt like I had arrived at the most blissful place on the planet. Ahhhh the sun!

As I was waiting and watching the clouds, I remembered what my son had told me the other day. He told me that sometimes when he hears a horn, he looks into the sky expecting Jesus to be coming.

I wondered to myself why I don’t wait so expectantly for the Son to return? I mean I spent the day yesterday waiting and wanting that sun to peak through, if even just for a few moments. How different my day would be if I expectantly awaited the Son of God to appear through those clouds. How would my daily activities seem less relevant to life if I spent time listening for that trumpet to sound?

I just love what Jesus does in my heart when I sit below the palms blowing in the wind. I think I’ll sit here a bit longer and wait on Jesus.


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