Lord you are more precious then silver….

It started bouncing around and shaking in the air….turbulence! Ugh, if ever I wished I was a drinker, it’s now. A couple of drinks would do me good right about now. Shake, shake, boom….

….go to my happy place.

Lord you are more costly then gold….

We turned around and saw him standing on our towels rustling around. We were being robbed. We started running down the exclusive beach toward our bags. Running, in my bikini, at 41, running, sweet….but at least I was still alive. I could be robbed of everything but I had air in my lungs and the audacity to run in a bikini…alive.

Lord you are more beautiful then diamonds…

Shaking, bumpy, not good….this plane is going down. I won’t have my life anymore. Calm down, calm, He calms the storms. Oh yes, Jesus calms the storms, calm this storm….please.

nothing I desire compares with YOU!

It’s ok, they would only get our wallets, ID, cell phone, rental car keys…they aren’t taking our lives. We still have our life, our breath, we will live…a minor inconvenience but we would have life. Nothing compares to life with Jesus.

He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.

CALM the wind! You are my everything, more precious then gold, silver, beauty more then diamonds, nothing compares….calm the storm, calm me, happy place, with You Jesus, with You!

Moral of the story: flying is not for sissy’s, don’t buy anything you aren’t willing to let a complete stranger take from you.

Do you feel like this post has just turned you upside down and you don’t know which way is up? Welcome to my world, please stow your table and return your chair to an upright position.

It’s gonna get bumpy.

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