The Sweet Spot

Have you found it yet?  The sweet spot.  I think its been about 5 years now since I found it.  I didn’t come upon it by happenstance or stumble across it due to any coincidence.  It was purposeful.  I was looking for it, longing for it, seeking it.  A place that would be heavenly and mystic and wonder-filled.

I found it.  It isn’t always easy to get to and I miss it very much at times but when I get there I am filled and complete and at peace.  The sweet sweet sweetness of it overwhelms my soul and satisfies me.

Where is this place?  How did I find it?

I found it on purpose, not by any certain words or religious acts but by simply placing all the focus I had on the One and Only Living God, Jesus Christ.  Night after night, morning after morning I would give Him all my heart and all my attention, on purpose.  One day, after many many days, I entered this space that didn’t seem to be of this world at all, it was as if I was transported to a different place. It was a moment when the world fell to the side and the heavens open up and nothing, I mean absolutely nothing meant anything compared to the Glory that is Jesus.  The sweet spot.

Once I had my complete attention set squarely on the only thing, the only One that mattered, I would settle into the sweet spot, if even just for a moment.  So sweet, so nice, so refreshing.

It was easier to go there when life was tough and days were particularly hard.  I had come to know that houses will be lost and relationships will fall apart and money does not grow on trees but I also came to know that Jesus was all I needed and God was always faithful and He would make ALL things work together for my good. 

Focus on Jesus.  Settle in.  Worship, with arms high and heart abandoned.  Come Holy Spirit.

The sweet spot, there you are.

Breath it in…..Amen!

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