Not understanding but still celebrating

I couldn’t imagine being without one of my children today.  How is it possible to even contemplate doing life after such a shocking tragic event?

As I sit here and wait for my kids to return from a fun filled weekend with their dad.  After contemplating the events of the tragedy of these senseless acts of violence and the prospect of not having my children to hold.  I sit with great anticipation of their return.

Presents are wrapped under the tree, labeled with each precious child’s name.  Stockings are hung, with our names gently stitched into them.


My house isn’t unlike many of the homes around our great country.  But what do the ones whose children were taken from them do with these things?  It changes where my focus is and reminds me of what is really important.  The stockings are nice and the presents are fun but the real treasures are about to arrive home to my house after a weekend away.

These crazy shootings have led me to continue to question how things like this fit into my belief system.  How do things like this fit into the theology of God, to the Truth of The Word? How does God work something like that together for good?

BLAH! is what I say about it.  But I can also say this:

Jesus came many years ago as a baby boy, born in a stable, to a mommy and daddy that loved him more then you can express with words.  That boy turned into a man and brought hope and grace and mercy and healing to everyone he came in contact with.  Then he died.  A tragic death, senseless at the time because he did no wrong, committed no crime and did not deserve such treatment or punishment.  He died for a purpose and that purpose is  you.  He gave his life, carried your sin that condemns you to hell and suffered what you deserve so that you could have abundant life here and eternal life forever, with a God who loved you so much he gave His ONLY son for your very life.

Today, remember your blessings, don’t take them for granted.  Let the little inconveniences of life slip away, pay no mind to the insignificant and focus on HE, who gave you not only your life today, but a promise for eternal life, free from death and sin and destruction.

Celebrate the REASON for this Christmas season!

All my Love….

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