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Have Christ, That’s what I wrote about yesterday and it was all about having the Gospel infiltrate all areas of your life. Living and breathing the truth of Christ’s gift of life to us. His redeeming love, his grace and mercy given to us. Not because of anything that we’ve done but because he just did it for us.

It’s all in vain, if you don’t have Christ.

Truth, I believe it to be the only thing of true importance AND I’m human. There are these things called creature comforts that are all around me in this world and whether or not they further the Gospel of Christ or define the Gospel in my life, of this I do not know. What I do know is that there is a little more in my life then the Gospel. The question is ‘What serves the purpose of the Gospel?” Could it be things like:

My Fireplace


This is one of my most favorite places to sit in the winter. It somehow ties the universe together for me and makes it warm and cozy and understandable. I could argue that the Gospel dwells right there in front of that flame. Atleast, it does when I’m sitting there because Christ is in me and it is always on His blood and righteousness that I can rest.

What about:


My dutch oven. Does it serve the purpose of the Gospel? I really don’t know but I know it bakes some down right perfect bread. Bread is a symbol of the body of Christ broken for you, can I claim the dutch oven for the Gospel?

Lip Gloss

This little minty tube of goodness completes my day. I am almost as lost without it as I am without God’s word. Forgive me if this is blasphemous but alas it is the truth. Needing deliverance or not from this idol, I will let the Gospel of Christ gobble this up if it so desires but I do think the two can co-exist.

And then of course there is this little gem:

Can you say Blendtec blender? I inherited one of these with my husband about 2 1/2 years ago. I wanted one so badly before then but it wasn’t within my budget. Now that it is in my life, I treasure it almost daily. More recently it has jump started my nutrition this year by helping me participate in The Green Smoothie Challenge. This is my sorority sisters contribution to living out the Gospel. I think she’s doing a good job and taking care of this temple that God is dwelling in is so important. As C.S. Lewis says “You thought you were being made into a decent little cottage but HE is building a palace. He intends to come and live in it Himself. Splendid!

Lastly, I offer this….What serves the purpose of the Gospel here?

Not the iPad, although I do enjoy that….take a look at this little keyboard that has made my blogging so much simpler on the iPad. Do you realize how fast my brain works? Of course you do, if you’ve read this blog long enough you know I sometimes throw up the contents of my brain onto these pages and it leaves us both spinning. Well this little keyboard has made blogging a reality on my iPad. Which means writing is more portable now then it has ever been and for that I’m thankful and I’m thinking it serves the purpose of the Gospel. To GO and Spill the message to others. Its why I write my heart, to share the Gospel and to let the Gospel grow in me.

So tell me….what things surround you that you really can’t label “Gospel” per say but somehow they make an undeniable difference?

Is there a little more?

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