He is Risen!

Christ is risen!  He is coming back!  Happy Easter! I love this holiday, it reminds me of the greatest gift I've ever received.  Unconditional love from my savior!  Its a gift given to all and if you haven't received it let me know I'll help you find it.  I know just where to lead you. ... Continue Reading →

We are family

My little family of four is in the middle of our first major family vacation. Yes we were married in Hawaii a year ago and we've travelled here and there for little weekend jaunts and camping trips but this is unlike any other time. Different for many reasons. We have found that our family is... Continue Reading →

One Year

Tomorrow, March 25th, is the one year anniversary of the day I jumped on this man’s back and rode off into the sunset.  We are still convinced that this is the most brilliant plan God has ever devised!  Our year has been every thing I have ever hoped for.  Our marriage was God ordained and... Continue Reading →

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