He is Risen!

Christ is risen!  He is coming back!  Happy Easter!

I love this holiday, it reminds me of the greatest gift I’ve ever received.  Unconditional love from my savior!  Its a gift given to all and if you haven’t received it let me know I’ll help you find it.  I know just where to lead you.  Eternal life, hope, peace, joy, it all comes with this gift.  You gotta have it!

My husband has been my little Easter bunny the last couple of weeks.  Hiding my beloved Cadbury eggs all over for me to find.  I don’t have to look very hard to find it and it’s the same with Jesus.  He’s so close to you, you could reach out and touch him.  He is just waiting for you to find him so he can be your EVERYTHING!

photo 1photo 3

Today my family has chosen to serve at the Union Gospel Mission.  This is a ministry dear to my husbands heart.  He loves the people and in many ways they are his family.  His parents will join us for the afternoon as we give of ourselves to those who don’t have much.  We will impart love and food and hopefully some of Jesus to them.  My prayer is that those that come to partake in the food and the warmth, will find Jesus hands and feet and tenderness and hope.  I pray that those that walk through the door would find the one and only gift that will completely satisfy.  The gift of eternal life.

There is a road called The Romans Road.  You can take a walk down it if you want, just grab your bible or look one up online and go to these scriptures:

Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23a, Romans 6:23b, Romans 5:8, Romans10:13, Romans 10:9-10, Revelation 3:20a, John 1:12.

I could have written them out for you but sometimes it’s the looking and seeking that makes the finding fun!  Get yourself some Jesus today!

I love you.

We are family

My little family of four is in the middle of our first major family vacation. Yes we were married in Hawaii a year ago and we’ve travelled here and there for little weekend jaunts and camping trips but this is unlike any other time. Different for many reasons.

We have found that our family is awesome. We laugh well together and play well. We can travel without much of a struggle and through many hours of driving, we are still smiling. We discovered that we can live in a one bedroom unit together and rub elbows and share couches and still want to be next to each other the next day. We’ve settled into a way of relating to each other that is truly a family. It is good.

This group of people feels more like a family, unlike any other. It feels good and nice and right. I am ever amazed at God’s working this together for good. We are part of something wonderful. We are loved, will love and be loved. No matter what. This is solid and my heart overflows.

We are family.


One Year


Tomorrow, March 25th, is the one year anniversary of the day I jumped on this man’s back and rode off into the sunset.  We are still convinced that this is the most brilliant plan God has ever devised!  Our year has been every thing I have ever hoped for.  Our marriage was God ordained and now God grown and more importantly, God Blessed.

Much to my surprise we haven’t ran into any of these road blocks:

photo 4

As you can imagine I’ve been a skeptic about this relationship from the beginning, call it a defense mechanism, smarts, or just silliness….I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop since we met almost 3 years ago.  But so has he.  We took the careful route to dating, the one with calculated risks and it worked out for us.  And when I asked Mr. Paul how he felt about our first year, he responded as I would,“So far so good”, with that look in his eye of..we shall see.  HA!

Relationships have been built:



And routines have been established.  Meals are mostly prepared together and he takes out the garbage.  My husband is a project guy so things have happened in my house like new sinks, literal walls built, pavers placed, garage organized…you know guy stuff.  He is a hero, he is strong and he is mine.  He is still handsome and I’m still mischievous.


But together we know we will weather every storm


By God’s grace we will be sustained and the children will continue to grow and thrive in a home full of love, free of anger and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Today we begin the celebration with our kids by traveling the northwest.  Beach, city and serving….that’s on our agenda.  To God be the Glory!