Things I would do

If I could choose one thing to do today, I would pack up my bible and all the tools that are attached to it and go find a quiet place, with no distractions and study and write.

I would finish my book about helping children with executive functioning.  I’m getting to the good stuff, the parts that will really help.  Chapter 11: Helping children control impulses.  Weak or underdeveloped executive functioning shows up in people who have difficulty planning and with organization, self-monitoring, impulse control, working memory and initiating tasks.  You might be able to argue that it sounds like most teenagers but I can tell you it looks different.  It is paralyzing to the kid, emotionally, socially, academically….Unaddressed I think the kid turns out to be an adult with the same struggles but looks more like a controlling jerk because we expect impulse control, reasonability, and kindness out of adults.  Unfortunately, they are just working within the broken system they set up to protect themselves and it screws up their social, emotional and relationship life….

….can I just find time to finish this book please.

I would also check out the OSU Masters program for counseling here in Bend at the Cascade Campus.  Ok, you caught me, I’ve already checked it out but I just need to make an appointment and get my paper work and get the ball rolling.  There I said it.  I believe this is my next lot in life and I believe I just need a little more faith and one more word of confirmation and some money.  So if you can lend any of those things to me, I’ll be forever grateful!

I would like to clean my closet and finish my ironing.  I love doing this but I’ve put it off one to many days these past weeks and now I don’t even want to think about it.  Unfortunately, no one can help me with this one. Its on me and it will be completed.

I would organize my office and buy some new software.  I like my job. So why would you get  your master’s degree and start a new path?  Well, I can do my current job and start a new career, if I do it right and get my ducks in a row.  One move in that direction is to implement some new practices and procedures in our current work flow.  I demoed this new software that I am super excited to see implemented.  Problem is, apparently computer programing takes longer then cleaning the closet and ironing….go figure.

Lastly, today, if I could do anything, I would steal away with my beloved husband and just BE with him.  He is the gift from God that I have been waiting for my entire life.  He has been my husband for almost a whole YEAR and I love him more then I did when I married him and I can’t believe that there were no secret hidden dark sides to him.  He is who he is and everything about him is perfect for me.  Even his different opinions about things, perfectly nudge me to sharpen my character and lead me to still waters.  I’ll tell you more about our first year of marriage on our anniversary….6 days away!  Blessed.

I’m sure you are now encouraged by my list of what I would do if I could.  It is probably what you were just hoping to read this morning.  I, on the other hand, need another cup of coffee and more determination to do the ‘I have to’ list…..

….Here I go!

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