One Year


Tomorrow, March 25th, is the one year anniversary of the day I jumped on this man’s back and rode off into the sunset.  We are still convinced that this is the most brilliant plan God has ever devised!  Our year has been every thing I have ever hoped for.  Our marriage was God ordained and now God grown and more importantly, God Blessed.

Much to my surprise we haven’t ran into any of these road blocks:

photo 4

As you can imagine I’ve been a skeptic about this relationship from the beginning, call it a defense mechanism, smarts, or just silliness….I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop since we met almost 3 years ago.  But so has he.  We took the careful route to dating, the one with calculated risks and it worked out for us.  And when I asked Mr. Paul how he felt about our first year, he responded as I would,“So far so good”, with that look in his eye of..we shall see.  HA!

Relationships have been built:



And routines have been established.  Meals are mostly prepared together and he takes out the garbage.  My husband is a project guy so things have happened in my house like new sinks, literal walls built, pavers placed, garage organized…you know guy stuff.  He is a hero, he is strong and he is mine.  He is still handsome and I’m still mischievous.


But together we know we will weather every storm


By God’s grace we will be sustained and the children will continue to grow and thrive in a home full of love, free of anger and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Today we begin the celebration with our kids by traveling the northwest.  Beach, city and serving….that’s on our agenda.  To God be the Glory!


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