We are family

My little family of four is in the middle of our first major family vacation. Yes we were married in Hawaii a year ago and we’ve travelled here and there for little weekend jaunts and camping trips but this is unlike any other time. Different for many reasons.

We have found that our family is awesome. We laugh well together and play well. We can travel without much of a struggle and through many hours of driving, we are still smiling. We discovered that we can live in a one bedroom unit together and rub elbows and share couches and still want to be next to each other the next day. We’ve settled into a way of relating to each other that is truly a family. It is good.

This group of people feels more like a family, unlike any other. It feels good and nice and right. I am ever amazed at God’s working this together for good. We are part of something wonderful. We are loved, will love and be loved. No matter what. This is solid and my heart overflows.

We are family.


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