Gathering 11

Some of you are teachers.  You know you are a teacher if you study and just can’t wait to share what you learned with people.  You just can’t stand to keep it to yourself.  You just have to tweet out that sentence or write that blog.  It just isn’t content to be your own knowledge and understanding it has to be given to other people.  And its about time that you get out there and do it.  Just do the thing….Gather up your 11 disciples and pour into them.  Study with them…it doesn’t have to be a big thing it just has to be something.  Get out there and do it”

That’s what she said to me on Saturday.  I’m pretty sure she was saying it to me although its hard to distinguish who exactly she could have been addressing in the sea of 7300 people, but I’m relatively sure she looked me straight in the eyes and said those words.  I even had my girlfriends beside me giving me that ‘she’s talking to you’ eye and that ‘that is so you’ snicker and the ‘listen up’ nudge.

I knew it.  I’ve known it.  I was doing it and now I am away from it.  Well, not really because you read this blog and others twitter at my tweets or like my status updates.  Its all mostly for the reason to teach and share and encourage.  That is the very core of my DNA.  Its why I want to go to school and master the discipline of family and child counseling….so that I can teach them. So that my door can be open to others.  So that I might make the most of my opportunities.  So that I can fill my DASH.

But also, I know that I need to start right where I am.  I heard God Clearly.  And I heard Him again yesterday morning at church!  Which is a story in and of itself because Ken Wystma was preaching about envy and not really about teaching but lo and behold the Lord spoke it again to me:

Gather 11.  Talk truth together.  Study God’s word.  Grapple with spiritual things and have deep meaningful conversation.

and so I gather….

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