Knowing the value

Last month my son went to Washington D.C. with his 8th grade class. It was a full trip with lots of new places to see but for my boy, he was drawn in to the war memorials. His great grandpa served in WWII, so to see the memorial opened his eyes and heart to the... Continue Reading →

5 Seconds in the physical presence of God

Imagine that your door bell rings and when you go to answer it, there is God. or Sit for a moment and think about what it would be like if you were having your quiet time with The Lord and as you sit and contemplate His truths, God just appears in your living room. How... Continue Reading →


This Solomon guy in the bible is simply wrecking me and messing up my plans to gain wisdom.  I set out on this journey 4 weeks ago to have a gathering where we study God’s word, discuss it, go home and study some more and come back and chat about it.  The Lord dumped the... Continue Reading →

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