Finishing strong

Solomon was a man of wisdom. I wrote about him HERE but that was a month ago and I have since put some the pieces together and have found a man who had a really STRONG start and then fell off the path in a big way and then seemed to finish with humble strength.... Continue Reading →

The making of a man, its a beautiful thing

This is a testimony from a once single mom who had dashed hopes for a whole family and high anxiety about how she was going to raise a boy into a man without a dad in the home. This is a testimony about how God just makes stuff happen and when you trust Him with... Continue Reading →


I just sneezed about 20 times, the skies are grey, its a bit drizzly and I've been up since 5:30 a.m. It feels a bit like fall and not much like the lazy days of summer. I am sitting at my daughters swim team practice, every morning (monday, tuesday, thursday, friday) I sit here and... Continue Reading →

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