The problem with a good husband

The problem with a good husband is that they are delightfully distracting. When you have a great husband not much writing or blogging gets done on vacation. You almost always sleep in and there isn’t much desire to think about work or worry about the future. Thats the problem with a good husband.

Not much of a problem if you ask me. My guy is the biggest darned blessing thats ever been bestowed upon me. Vacation is a true vacation with him. We work together to be sure the other is rested and well taken care of. My husband challenges me to do things I may not do on my own, like walk miles to a sand dune in order to climb to the top and look over the edge. He encourages lazy days and understands the value of rest. He laughs and makes me laugh. He talks about the deeper things in life and instructs me in God’s word but he also readily watches the bachelorette and understands my need for meaningless recreation. The problem with a good husband is that you never want to leave vacation and when you get home you want to run back to the beach.

I write this today because I love him and I have lots of other things to write about and share but most important to me is this guy who chose to become part of my life and love my family and make it his own. This is what fairytales are made of and where unicorns and rainbows reside.

Its important for me to reflect on the greatness of God’s design. He works all things together for good. He orchestrates the universe and that ocean is the most faithful, thought provoking place in all of the world. The ocean makes God bigger and more mysterious then ever. The ocean reminds me that my blessings are huge. The ocean is the place where my questions are answered and this time it is where God reminded me that He made all things new in my life and Brek Daniel is a good problem to have.

The sun reflecting off the waters, the birds floating graceflly through the air, the waves faithfully moving in and out, rolling…waves of mercy, waves of grace…righteouss waves…full of justice. the wave of God brings what is due to those who deserve, both blessing and discipline. The shore line extends both ways..grain after grain of sand, piled up endlessly upon each other millions, billions..trillions…endlessly, to many to count.

Solom received breadth of mind like the sand on the seashore because he humbly asked for wisdom to lead the people. His people were as numerous as the sand on the sea (1 kings 4:29 & 29) perhaps this is why god gave him wisdom and largeness of heart to hold as much wisdom as the sands on the shore? God gives us what we need, when we need it, faithfully like the ocean…gently like the wave but with a fierceness that will not be challenged.

Trust and the fear of the Lord is the only way. It is where wisdom comes from. Obedience is the pathway and by binding love and faithfulness around our neck (proverbs 3:2), sound judgement and discretion will be the adornment on your neck(Proverbs 3:22).

It is true…trusting and loving God, being faithful to Him, brought me to a place of sound judgement, a place of discretion and beauty. Obedience made me whole and gave me an opportunity to be available to a good man who is obedient to God himself. The problem with a good husband is a good problem to have. I’ll be distracted by him all the days of my life.

I’m learning that the book of Proverbs calls man to live as the creator intended him to live when He made man. To let Christ be our dwelling place. The wise live long prosperous lives, experiencing joy.

Contemplate the mind of God, His Character, His attributes, His works, His blessings. For all the treasure of wisdom and knowledge expressed in proverbs are hidden in Christ. (Colossians 2:3)

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