Joint heirs with Christ Jesus

Spurgeon said “These are blessed subjects, though I cannot speak upon them as I would. I always find when I have to deal with these “fat things full of marrow,” that words fail us; and perhaps it is well, for then the excellency of the power is proved to be not by words of man but in the weight, and fullness, and richness of gospel matter. Joint heirs with Christ Jesus!”

At The Gathering, our little bible study, this week we entered into a discussion concerning the deeper things, the mysteries of God. We filled the full spectrum of understanding of Christ’s righteousness being our righteousness.
For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him – 2 Cor 5:21

We were on both sides of the coin in understanding Christ to be All Man and All God. And our being Co-Heirs with Christ, fully righteous because of Him.
For in Him all the fulness of Deity dwells in bodily form, and in Him you have been made complete, and He is the head over al rule and authority. Col 2:9-10
But of Him you are in Christ Jesus, who became for us wisdom from God—and righteousness and sanctification and redemption—1 Cor 1:30

And then there was this other side of the coin being my soul is still full of sin, I see it everyday, I know it about myself and I am not equal with Christ. If I believed that then I would be full of pride and puffed up and surely there is no righteousness there.

I know not the answers that we seek. I only know what God has taught me to this point. I, like Spurgeon, failed with words and it was well to let the excellency of the power be proved by the gospel. 2nd Corinthians 5 saved us and will continue to enlighten us.

Here is what I know…I will never be considered equal with Christ apart from Christ. It is only through His righteousness that I boast of anything. Righteousness is not holiness. Righteousness is right-standing. Because I am in Christ Jesus, because He saved me, I can live like Him, talk like Him, and act like Him, IF I abide in Him. The word of God will change me, spirit, soul and body. Our righteousness stands or falls with Christ’s righteousness. If He is not the righteousness of God, I have no claim either. Holiness is your conduct; righteousness is what you are, it is God’s nature in you because of Christ. We legally and strictly have no inheritance apart from him. But in HIM we have access to it all. Partakers of God only if though art in Christ. Through Christ righteousness you have become in right-standing with God. When God sees you He sees Christ.

That is where your hope dwells, where your faith is practiced. Trust in Christ righteousness as your own, Christ inheritance as your inheritance, by no other means will you enter into God’s house, by not other means will you be saved, by no other means will holiness be uncovered and lived out in your life. Only through Christ, joint heirs with him, because of God’s grace and divine design.

Our lights are weak

Why is the darkness so dark and scary and why does it so easily ensnare?

Your sitting around with friends and before you know it you are deep in the gossip conversation. Or maybe you at work and next thing you know your cussing like your co-workers. What about that moment when you look at another persons life and wonder what in the world are they thinking…judgement. I’m sorry….am I the only one that gets sucked into the darkness? How about when you decide to have a drink after work and one turns into 6 and you are puking your guts out? Or you tell your parents a little ‘un-truth’ and the next day you have to tell an un-truth about the un-truth because you’ve slipped down the slop of lying and deceit unexpectantly.

Why is the darkness so tempting, why do you get sucked into it time after time?

The darkness is so dark because there isn’t enough light. The sin is so enticing because there isn’t enough righteousness hanging around.

Take camping for example or even the safety of your own home. When the lights go out and the sun goes down, everything changes without light. The bushes turn into possible predators, there is sure to be a criminal that is lurking around the corner of the hallway that somehow snuck into the house during the day and is laying in wait. The noises that were there in the day suddenly become zombie noises ready to take your life. The creek of the house settling now is the sound of the house getting ready to collapse….are you following me?

Darkness brings the illusion of things that aren’t really there. This isn’t just fear that opens up but darkness/sin brings the illusion of pleasure that you are missing out on. The illusion is created by the shifting shadows and the ploy of the enemy. The gossip makes you feel better about yourself because if you can prove your neighbor to be an idiot, darkness tells you that somehow you are better. You are not. You suck in different ways. You are full of sin and need a savior just as much as the next guy.

But as i was contemplating this, I was really wondering why is darkness so easily a trap to those that love Jesus? Why do we lose the righteousness and so easily lay down the rob of royalty that Jesus clothed you with?

There isn’t enough light.

When/if you go into the darkness you better bring a big ol’ light with you and be prepared to minimize illusions and shadows. I’m not talking about a flashlight. Flashlights almost cause more problems in the darkness. A little faith, a little bit of Jesus will get drowned out by the darkness. you need light, like the construction lights that flood the streets, or the stadium lights that leave no area on the field with a shadow. You need some Jesus light, like that glowing face that Moses had when he came back from time with God on the mountain. Your gonna need to be so shiny that people in the darkness can barely even look at you, lest they fall down at the glory of God that radiates from you!

As I seek wisdom, I realize that Jesus is the key to EVERYTHING. As I seek to discover why people get caught up in sin, big sin, little sin, unbeknownst sin…I had to wonder why does it so easily get us that profess Christ?

And now I understand. Wisdom has made it clear.

Our lights are weak.

Headed to the mountain of The Lord to get my light on!

An invitation to wisdom

Wisdom has prepared a table for you. She has built a room full of strength and beauty because there was not one that was suitable for her. You are invited to her table. There is choice meat there and wine, you are invited to sit at her table and to eat her bread. She has sent out her maidens to call all who are naive to turn in and enter her gate.

Wisdom is an invitation. Have you RSVP’d? You must turn from you folly and leave bad company behind. Do not conform to their way but follow wisdom to her house. With wisdom your days are multiplied and years are added to your life.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding” Proverbs 910 .

Where Wisdom gets dominion in a soul, she works out all the knowledge of holy things. To participate in the banquet of wisdom is to study and learn and thus gain life! Wisdom can only gain dominion over your soul if you allow her to. Just as Satan can only tempt, he can not force, a willing participant is needed for wisdom to do her job. Scoffers and wicked hearts will have no desire or reason to follow wisdom and to sit under her teaching. They are dead, they think they are getting away with sweet water and bread eaten in secret, but they are already in the depths of hell, simply because they were not foolish enough to follow wisdom to her table.

Isn’t it interesting that the foolish and those that lack understanding are the only ones that can answer the call of wisdom. The scoffers believe they already know enough and can handle it on their own, they are not teachable, they hurl insults at rebuke and come not to the table of wisdom.

How foolish are you? Where is your naivety? Are you ridiculous enough to be unreasonably committed to God’s word? Would you sit at the table of wisdom and partake in the feast she has prepared? Life is found there and ‘if you are wise, you are wise for yourself’ but if you are a scoffer you are left  to carry your own and induce iniquity by your own actions.

Wisdom, I gladly accept your invitation. Let me eat at your table of the knowledge of the Holy One. Understanding be the cloak that I gladly bear. I will seek after it and I will find it.