Summer lovin’

Where have I been?

Loving Summer!

I’m not sure there has been a more enjoyable summer in all of summerdom.

After my last blog, we went to my office in Eugene and stained the fence


It is truly a blessing to have a husband that loves keeping his hands busy and doesn’t shy away from good hard work. We came home from here to stain my parents deck. He love serving family!

Then we went on a rafting trip. This was a forced family fun moment. Kids weren’t super excited and I’m sure we would have gotten more push back had they seen this picture before we got on the boat.

20130803-092522.jpg But as you can tell they had a great time and family memories continued to be made!

Two days after the raft trip we managed to go on our first camping trip of the year.

20130803-092700.jpg This girl turned 12

20130803-092727.jpg and can now start her photography career. Grandma and grandpa arrived with a surprise and cupcakes for all


One of my favorite things about camping is seeing the differences in my dogs:



We really had a good time. My son spent most of his time outside of his tent which was a great and wonderful thing! I love my family!

Yesterday we loaded the car with these people:


Took a short drive down to Lake Tahoe and ended up here


We have a week of paddle boarding, laking, comedy shows, Grease the musical, shopping, laughing, and playing planned. It began last night with a walk to the lake





Summer is in full swing…there is more to come! We are privileged. We have opportunities that most families don’t because of my parents hard work to build a business that fulfilled the american dream. They are retired and worked hard to take care of their future and have taught us to do the same. My parents have afforded us the opportunity to travel and enjoy life as a family in places we wouldn’t go on our own. They love us and with each moment I have with my kids, I understand more and more how deep that love runs.

Family is valuable. Time is precious. Memories last forever.

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