Turns out today was a VERY SIGNIFICANT day! I’m not sure if it was more significant because it was or because my perspective was one of significance?  Each moment I remembered that God had gone before me, that He had this moment for me, that He would give me everything I need to navigate each... Continue Reading →

My big question lately is am I living a life of significance?  Will what I do today, matter tomorrow? When I ask questions like this, its easy to see all the things that I haven't done, the things that are super INsignificant and I question my worth.  Couldn’t I have done better today?  Did I... Continue Reading →

He goes before me

Chapter 4 by far the BEST chapter in this, yet to be released book, I'm reading.   For more information on the book and so you know what to look for in early January, go HERE. I have waited almost a week to write about this because this is one of those things that you... Continue Reading →

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