Very Significant

Turns out today was a VERY SIGNIFICANT day!

I’m not sure if it was more significant because it was or because my perspective was one of significance?  Each moment I remembered that God had gone before me, that He had this moment for me, that He would give me everything I need to navigate each moment significantly.

My appointment with my friend was more than SIGNIFICANT, it was life changing for her and for me.  She needed some of what I have and I needed someone to impart it too.  This is God’s economy.  We exchanged spiritual currency and started something that is going to be great!  Praying for her still!

I had a very integral appointment with the owners of my company and they learned a lot!  Thanks mom and dad for taking the time to see what is happening and to support the process.  It’s a blessing to work for you and a wonderful opportunity! I love you!

I loved my husband.  We work together and live together and breath together and sometimes its easy to forget that we are each other’s BELOVED. I pray that we never forget.

The meeting with the principle was nothing short of a divine appointment.  It was an integral part of my son’s development and super significant in giving me hope for his future.  High School is hard.  High School at Trinity Lutheran School is not for the faint of heart.  He is challenged, that is good.  He is frustrated and the school has answers.  He will be helped.  He will grow.  Its not as much about his education as it is about his developing character and this was an opportunity for his character to be molded.  God is good.

Now I’m off to a nice game of volleyball with the middle school team challenging their parents.  My husband dressed up in his spandex and “Bump, Set, Spiked IT” around the house, just to make his point to his daughter that yes, he is not afraid to push the envelope.  We laughed, I cried and I still laugh thinking about it. 

Life is significant, very significant and yet today there was no microphone in my hand, no major footprint on the world’s grid, but God’s glory was in everything. 

Very Significant!


My big question lately is am I living a life of significance?  Will what I do today, matter tomorrow?

When I ask questions like this, its easy to see all the things that I haven’t done, the things that are super INsignificant and I question my worth.  Couldn’t I have done better today?  Did I fail him?  Will they grow up well?  I know I dropped the ball…blah blah blah.

I’m reading two books now.  Blogging frequently about the book I’m reviewing, but I can’t quote things out of this book because that wouldn’t be fair to the author.  I can and will continue to share with you what that little book “Ruthless” is doing in my life…it is ruthless that’s for sure.  The questions it brings up are stretching me and building a firm foundation about what I know about God.

This second book “Chasing Daylight” by Erwin Raphael McManus, is taking me by storm.  Here is the key paragraph that gave me the assurance that my life is significant, no matter what!

“A person’s life does not require some extraordinary event to distinguish it.  A life well lived can be equally inspiring and its contribution also great.  Sometimes that transformation is best seen through failure, defeat, or even death.  Other times the miracle is wrapped around how God comes through in the midst of all that uncertainty”

My life does not require some extraordinary even to distinguish it.  It doesn’t require a book well written, or a microphone, or a degree…it requires a determination to life life well.  How do I intend on doing that?  One day, one moment, one opportunity at a time.

Today I will:

  • Meet with a friend and give her all the encouragement I have in me
  • Pray for my children
  • Pay bills at work
  • Build policy’s and procedures for our new software system at work
  • Guide my son through homework and organization
  • Meet with the principle and bring her a smile
  • Play volleyball with my daughter and her team and celebrate a season well done
  • Love my husband and cherish him
  • Pet my pups and give them a treat
  • View everything that I do as bringing glory to God

These are just the things I KNOW will happen, can you imagine what will come that I don’t even know about?



He goes before me

He goes before meChapter 4

by far the BEST chapter in this, yet to be released book, I’m reading.   For more information on the book and so you know what to look for in early January, go HERE.

I have waited almost a week to write about this because this is one of those things that you just need to sit with for a while in order to really grasp how deep and wide God is….

The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.  Deuteronomy 31:8

I’ve heard this message before, in fact I heard these words directly from the Author’s mouth not many years ago.  I remember Bo Stern preaching up a storm about this topic and I remember it being a fairly new concept at the time.  It made me stop in my tracks and it literally took my breath away.

God goes before me…He’s been to the future and back.  He’s been in this very moment and in the moments to come.  He knows what is ahead and he knows what you need.  He has been there, he has gone before you, he is faithful and prepared.  YOU must not be afraid, YOU must not be discouraged.  God knows, God knew, God went before you.

Pre-reading a book is a challenge because I want someone else to read this chapter.  I want YOU to read this chapter.  I want to cut and past the words on my blog and follow it by about 1 million exclamation points.

For me this news means comfort.  It means, if I believe God is who He says He is then, if He was in this moment before I got here, I can be in this moment now.  I trust Him.  I remember overcoming my most recent battle and when I remembered that God had already been in that place, the battle seemed so much smaller and my courage seemed so much bigger.

This is good news my friends.

You need to save your pennies for this book because “RUTHLESS” is medicine to the soul!

He goes before me…..