Fall: A time to pray

I love fall!  I mean, I love summer and hot and beaches and summer sun, but I love-love fall.  It is simply the most beautiful time of the year, at least it is to me right now.  When the snow comes I’ll start singing the praises of the white mountains and crisp winter mornings but for today, for this October day, I love fall and all the colors it shines!


This is my mom.  Isn’t she beautiful?  Aren’t the fall trees stunning?  Fall, the turning of hot summer days to cold winter nights.  A time to let things die and to sew new seeds, patiently awaiting the reaping moments to come. 

Mom and Dad leave tomorrow for Arizona.  They’ll be gone for 7 months this time!  UGH!  I miss them and life is not as full when they are gone, its just a little bit off and not so balanced but we survive and they thrive.  The hot desert draws them like deer to water and as they live the American dream I am thankful for the blessings God has bestowed upon them.

This fall I have written about NEW…as school began.  I wrote about how my mantra lately is ‘GO WITHOUT’..still is mostly, except for that one time I really decided to go crazy at Victoria Secret and grab a bunch of cozy sweatpants.  All in all, I’m still embracing the ‘Go Without’ lifestyle.  Its interesting and I’m sure God’s work on my heart will show itself in the months and years to come.  I also shared with you this fall about how I was a tired missionary…still am.  Being a mom to a 9th grader who is not motivated to ‘WIN’ at school and a 7th grader who wants to ‘WIN’ at everything, all the time, in all areas, at many different events, barely breathing….well being a mom to these two rascals wears me out!  Tonight we studied for 9th Grade World History test tomorrow and about Kings and Queens and Czars and religious wars…blah blah blah.  Then I was asked to tackle the 7th grade State Capitol’s…blah blah. Why do they give you a High School diploma if you have to relearn everything again when your kids go to school.  Maybe you should be able to earn a 2nd more prestigious diploma when your child graduates.  I know I’ll earn mine! 

Anyway, I digress…I was reminiscing about my writings this fall…Why was I doing that?  I think to say, I haven’t written much and to maybe make some excuses.  oh yes my excuses….here they are:

1.  We had mice, we caught at least 14…I hate mice.  One of the mice we caught was a pregnant mommy mouse and I was sad that she died with babies in her belly but I didn’t want her babies to live in my house either.  Why don’t mice just stay out in the field?

2.  We are developing new software for my business and it takes a lot of time and energy and money and I hope, I pray, that it is worth it and will help us be stronger, wiser, better, smarter with the services we offer.

3.  I’m a mom to a high school student and a middle school student.  I have a friend who has 5 kids.  I can barely manage with my 2, pray for her, her name is Misty.

4.  TV. We just disconnected our DirectTV subscription and have 24 wonderful hours without TV.  It is pure bliss tonight.  Tomorrow it ends because the cable company arrives at 1 to install their stuff and the TV will be back on.  I love TV and I hate it.  I love it in the fall when new seasons begin and I love watching a show here and there.  I hate the TV being on all the time and the surfing of channels when there isn’t anything purposeful to watch.  Tonight I write because its quiet.

5.  Did I mention my daughter swims competitively, plays volleyball, takes violin lessons and likes to get her school projects done immediately when they are assigned.  She also is getting braces and asked to have her teeth pulled ASAP, so that she could get braces because she likes to get things done!  This is the child I’m raising and she keeps me running or driving or sitting on bleachers…a lot!

Lastly…the most important excuse?  I’m using my mornings to pray not write.  My 5 reasons for praying are listed above.

Fall: a time to Pray.

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