What I know to be true about God

I’m late. I said this would be posted yesterday.  Forgive me.  A couple days ago I told you about my Super Secret Mission, and promised to share with you my journaling through out, starting with this…

What I know to be true about God:

  • He loves me with a love that I just can’t fully comprehend. I know love and I know sacrificial love but I don’t know it like God knows it. He is love.
  • He’ll take you down the same path time after time until you surrender all to him and give him control of the map.
  • God’s ways are not our ways. I prefer God’s ways to mine, ALWAYS and if I could just remember that when I want to go my way or when God doesn’t seem to be doing it right, it would do me good.
  • God knows me better then I know myself, which makes it easier to surrender to His direction in my life because if He knows me better, He knows better what I need.  I trust that.
  • God is just and fair. He loves everyone equally and without favoritism but he also judges equally.
  • God does not repay evil for evil but he will not let evil win anything, even if it looks like that may be the way its going. Didn’t I already say His ways are not our ways?
  • God is faithful.  100% faithful, in all things, at all times, no matter what.
  • God is with us. I can feel him now and his spirit longs to fill you. Yes even you, there is no person to far gone down the path of life’s destruction that Jesus doesn’t want to be friends with and bring into his loving arms.
  • I can trust God with all things including my children, my finances, my future, my past, my failures and the outcome of my successes. My successes aren’t mine they are God’s and for his glory only.

The next question is list some areas of where you have questions about who He is or what He does:

  • I still wonder if I can really trust him with my kids, will he hold onto them forever and never let them go, like He has in my life. Will they have the same opportunities to grow in the knowledge and strength of faith in Jesus Christ as I did? Can I really trust God for that. I know the answer is yes but I wonder sometimes and I worry.
  • I don’t understand why He lets this world of famine and war and horrible things go on for so long. Why can’t we just start the new Earth now? I know its part of His plan and if I’m part of his family I get to be part of the plan of spreading the news of the gospel to all and clothing the naked and feeding the poor and bringing hope to the captives but sometimes I wonder why in the world He is taking so long to make the last play and win the world. When will the time that every knee will bow come?

Isn’t it silly?  The assurance of my faith is strong.  My faith is pretty sure, I have had times that have tested my faith but never times where I doubted God. I trust him and believe in him for all things!  And then there are those nagging little things that you still question.  Humanness I suppose…I can trust God 100% for my salvation and my daily needs and in big things like putting together a better more amazing picture for my life when the destruction of divorce and bankruptcy and abuse took everything, but I still wonder if God will love my kids.  Funny and real all at the same time.

I think its ok to have these doubts and questions because its all about building that relationship with a Living God and with each day and each moment we have opportunities to know Him more and trust Him more and love Him more.

So there you have it, that’s what the INTRODUCTION to this book RUTHLESS did to me…can you imagine what the 30 chapters to follow will bring?  I’m not going to share with you what my dear friends writings are,  but I guarantee by the end of this series of blogs you’ll go buy it and take the journey yourself.  Blessed to be a part!


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