These questions aren’t for wimps

I’ve been pre-reading a book by Bo Stern, due out in Early January and I am guessing this won’t be the last time I tell you…These questions aren’t for wimps.  You can easily read through this book and fill all fluffy and happy inside, knowing you read a really good book from a really good writer.  You can walk away from it saying ‘WOW, that was amazing’, but in order to get what the Author wants you to get, you really have to answer these questions.  Think about them, no, Meditate on them!  Soak them up let them dig in the corners and pull out the good stuff, or not so good stuff.

I’m the type of person that could very easily read the chapter and if the question doesn’t get me right away, I would just pass over it.  But not this time, I’m committed to doing this book justice and honoring my friends time in what she wrote and trusting that God is going to do something worthy in my life through it.

Be reminded:  I’m on chapter 3!

I have been pondering the goodness of God.  It’s easy for me to list God’s goodness these days.  I wrote 10 blogs about God’s goodness in the last year.  God did lots of big deal stuff to show up in my life and show off His goodness.  Some ways he did this was through restoring what the enemy stole, specifically: a home, a vehicle, my courage, my children’s hope, peace, well-being, happiness.  God dropped an honest to goodness man of integrity and love and steadiness into my life and restored my belief in marriage.  The goodness of God is sweet in my life.

Then why oh why are you hung up on the questions, sweet Tracy? 

What keeps you from believing that God is always good(as opposed to sometimes good?)

BLAH!  If I answer that, then I have to face my insecurities and to face my insecurities is vulnerable and doesn’t feel good and quite frankly this is the question I would skip and move on….

but I won’t, you’ll hear about it.  Just give me some time.  I’ll do what it takes to strip down to my skivvies and jump into the icy cold lake.

Hold tight….

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