These are my condiments of choice lately in my morning coffee.  Cream, honey and a little bit of cinnamon!  With the fire glowing in the corner of the room and the sun just beginning to light the sky I sit and sip on this little bit of heaven.

Over the years this morning time has changed from time to time.  I remember when mornings were my enemy, now they are my favorite part of the day.   No one is up yet, except my furry canine friends.  I always try to make sure the area I plan to sit in is clean and ready the night before so it can invite me in like a good familiar friend.

These times have been used for studying God’s word or praying or reading.  What I do during this time changes like the seasons.  Its never the same.  Lately, its been a time to sit and watch the lights of the universe turn on and illuminate the darkness, literally and figuratively.  Basically, I’ve been doing a lot of sitting and staring and listening.  I’m listening for the still small voice that gives direction to my day and hope to my future.

Coffee can have a bitter little taste to it.  Its much like life isn’t it?  We like it and really want it but the bitterness sometimes can be distracting to the joy of it.  So, I add a little cream.  I think when we stop in life and allow some rich fatty smoothness to cover the bitterness, not only does it make it less DARK but it makes it a touch more palatable. 

I use the honey as a sweetener.  The ‘nectar of the gods’, they call it.  The Israelites were wandering for years, travelling to the land of milk and honey.  Honey is low glycemic which means it’s a carbohydrate that is released slowly instead of burned up to fast.  Don’t you think we need to add a little honey into our lives?  Something precious and spiritual, that has meaning and doesn’t burn up to fast.  Life without honey just speeds away.  A honey filled life is sweet and full of promise.

Lastly cinnamon.  Spice it up my friends.  Sometimes the everyday sugar and cream coffees suffice but aren’t there times when you wish it had just a little more kick.  I’ve found that if I’m not purposeful in putting in a little extra spice, changing things up a little bit, that I begin to get in a rut and then coffee doesn’t even sound good anymore.  Life can get that way right.  Where it doesn’t even sound good?  Do you ever just want to press the stop button and get off?  I’ll be honest, I do..not in a permanent take my life kind of way (no need to call the crisis team) but can’t you agree with me that some days you wish you could just call Jesus back to this earth and get this whole ‘eternal life, Jesus as ruler of the world’ thing started!  I do, and so I have to remember that shaking a little spice around here and there, is integral to a good sip, every now and again.

That’s my wisdom for the day…coming up, my thankfulness list.

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