2013 His, 2014 His

ACCELERATION was my word for 2013, and it was true to its form.  Things went faster, progressed rapidly, developed quickly and advanced ahead.  Time that it would take for normal activities to be completed were certainly reduced. Reduced to the point that this year has vaporized.  But all the time this was the Lord’s Year.  His... Continue Reading →

Are you lights up outside?  Have you decorated your tree? Done all your shopping?  Created a perfect plan for your Christmas celebration and have the most adorable outfit all ready to go? No?  THAT IS OK! I used to work really hard at making this time of year magical and perfect.  Honestly, I was a... Continue Reading →

I see snow and Christmas lights and Santa Clause counting down the days.  I hear nothing but the fire, the dogs breathing deep and the coffee brewing.  My son sleeps, my daughter is with her dad and my husband is still cuddled in bed. So, I read Chapter 21 of Ruthless:  The God Who Fights... Continue Reading →

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