2013 His, 2014 His

ACCELERATION was my word for 2013, and it was true to its form.  Things went faster, progressed rapidly, developed quickly and advanced ahead.  Time that it would take for normal activities to be completed were certainly reduced. Reduced to the point that this year has vaporized.  But all the time this was the Lord’s Year.  His to do what He pleased and mine to be obedient.

I spent most of my Christmas season pondering and praying rather then writing and studying.  “But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart” Luke 2:19. Jesus’ Mother pondered and I pondered with her.  Storing them up for the year to come and wondering what the future holds.  I couldn’t help to think of Mary on that night her baby was born, the things she pondered about the future of her son.  What she knew and what she didn’t, what scared her and what brought her elation.  How she felt physically, emotionally, spiritually…..

The end of a year and the beginning of a new one is one big circle for me.  2013 will easily get swallowed up by 2014, as this day lands in the middle of my work week and in the middle of major transitions for my business.  I know that 2013 will not disappoint in accelerating things and propelling us ahead, I wonder what 2014’s word will be?


My year is not tied up in little bows nor will the 4 swing lightly into place but with each ticking of the clock and passing of the day I am continually reminded that, like Mary, I answered a call from God “’I am the Lord’s servant,’ Mary answered. ‘May it be to me as you have said.’ Luke 1:38

I am your servant God, my days are set out by you, I trust you, I trust that with each moment you will direct me to use it to your glory and do only what I can with the time I  have, not being misguided to believe there is not enough time or that somehow I didn’t get enough done.  You, God, are the keeper…tie up my year in a pretty little bow and swing that 4 down into place.  This is YOUR year not mine, show me your way, I am your servant, may it be to me as you please.

~Forever yours, Tracy

Beautiful Mess

Are you lights up outside?  Have you decorated your tree? Done all your shopping?  Created a perfect plan for your Christmas celebration and have the most adorable outfit all ready to go?


I used to work really hard at making this time of year magical and perfect.  Honestly, I was a little apprehensive going in to this years celebration of Jesus birth because I didn’t have my ‘act’ together.  My work load has increased recently as we ramp up for big changes starting January 2nd!  This has put me on the road a lot in preparation and away from the family.  My parents are staying in Arizona for Christmas and that changes ‘traditions’ for my family.  The thought of foraging new traditions is a bit daunting and makes me unsure.  I love my in-laws, they are a perfect fit for me, just like my husband and I look forward to being with them this year.  I’ll bring Dip to keep part of our family’s traditions as we make new memories, but it will be different.  My children will not wake up in their home on Christmas morning for the FIRST time ever!  Our Christmas tree was harvested from the beautiful forests in Central Oregon but it can’t hold all of my ornaments because the branches are to small….so 3/4 of my life is still stored away in the garage.  Our house is the only dark house on our block, no lights….


I was driving around last night taking kids and picking up kids from all their activities and I was so thankful that they do what they do.  There are so many (all be it small) miracles for our family this year, that I could hardly contain myself.  I was blasting Christmas Carols and singing with all my heart, praising the ONE who came…

Then I began to see Christmas with new eyes…I saw the BEAUTIFUL MESS that Christmas REALLY is….

God, big, uncontainable, alpha-omega…Jesus (part of the Trinity God, made man).  What was Jesus thinking about these days leading up to his journey to Earth?  His days were not like ours.  All of His God-ness and glory was about to be packaged up in a little helpless infant and sent to this broken disgusting Earth to endure the most challenging life and a grueling death, in HOPES that ‘We The People’, might receive this as a gift of salvation and return to God with all their devotion.

Jesus probably wasn’t buying presents in Heaven, nor was he worried about WHO would be there when he was born or what kind of lights were adorning the manger.  He didn’t even care about DIP!

I know we like to think about this time of year as the day that Baby Jesus was born and how cute that was and how precious the manger scene must have been but it wasn’t glamorous or cute, it was dirty and messy and Jesus(God) was crammed into a little infant body, and for the first time in all eternity was completely dependent upon a human to care for His every need. He simply, humbly, without hesitation prepared to come to Earth for YOU.  It was a BEAUTIFUL mess.  Jesus knew it and He still did it.  He gracefully came and obediently served and mercifully saved.

My tree is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, my children will know the mystery that is Christmas this year, through the eyes of the One that came for them, the lights from my neighbors houses are beautiful and enough to light my own, the gifts mean nothing compared to The Gift.  My mess is His mess and He fixed all messes on that day many, many years ago when He came and gave His precious life.

A Beautiful Mess, indeed.

Back to the review ~ Ruthless by Bo Stern

I see snow and Christmas lights and Santa Clause counting down the days.  I hear nothing but the fire, the dogs breathing deep and the coffee brewing.  My son sleeps, my daughter is with her dad and my husband is still cuddled in bed.

So, I read Chapter 21 of Ruthless: 


The God Who Fights for YOU…Makes little into so much. (pre-order HERE)

“We live in a never-enough sort of world.”

Yes, Bo Stern, this is true.  And this is something that I really needed to be reminded of just this VERY DAY.  What area of life do I feel most in need of God’s multiplying resourcefulness?

Isn’t the standard answer finances?  It is for me too, but I don’t really care about the money as much as what the money does.  Money pays employees, money buys resources that we need at work, money allows me to stay in my house and drive my car and eat my food. Money being multiplied over the holidays would be nice, it would make things easy and I would be thankful.

BUT, I didn’t like that answer because God’s resources go beyond money because HIS economy doesn’t accept the currency of this world!  So here is my list, God I pray that you read my blog, multiply this:

  1. The Holy Spirit in the hearts and lives of my family.  May they be overtaken by the Holy Spirit that their hearts are changed and their focus can only be on the glorious riches of Christ.
  2. The Holy Spirit in the lives of my friends.  May they be ever gracious and loving and full.
  3. The Holy Spirit in my business and upon my co-workers. Yep, I just brought Jesus into the work place.  I make no apology.  Without the divine our business would just be a business, with God it becomes supernatural.
  4. For my son: The motivation and desire to do well in school, in life, and in relationships.  May his God dreams be multiplied
  5. For my daughter: The understanding and contentment concerning the fact that her parents live apart on opposite sides of this continent, with the belief that God is still in control of this one.  Believe it in all things!
  6. My time and the wisdom to use it well to serve the ones I love and to make a difference in this world.  Being all things to all people at the moments that count.
  7. A general covering of satisfaction and elation at this great holiday we are embarking upon.  Understanding that Jesus IS THE REASON for this season and letting the joy of it all be ever multiplied and full!

I wonder this early morning, if God would multiply the things that make a difference in HIS economy.  If He would surprise us with His presence and draw us with His love to a place we’ve never been and a reality we’ve not yet experienced.  I know I have faith like a mustard seed, I can see mountains being moved and I know God to be faithful.  He shall multiply in my life and yours.  The mystery of the gift of Christmas will astound us.  May it become your infatuation!

Merry Christmas!