As the  National Anthem began to play, I stood up and turned around to cast my gaze upon the flag.   Many stood with their hands over their hearts.  I was standing in front of the wading pool and the 2nd day of my daughters swim meet was beginning.  I began to envision myself jumping to the pool and flailing around singing “Oh Say does that star spangled….”  I giggled.  No disrespect to our country or the meaning behind the great anthem we sing.

I was on day 4 with only a total 18 hours of sleep.  Typically I would have 32 hours of sleep in 4 days but  I had been on a bender…working long hours in hopes that my hard work will pay off with favor and abundance in our new efforts at work. 

I wished I could do things risky and off the wall, like jump into a wading pool during the national anthem at my daughters swim meet.  I have also had thoughts about taking an AX to the center of the table in the restaurant where a person who had betrayed me ate leisurely and saying some witty comment.  Leaving them with their jaw laying on the floor.  Or just packing up all I own and running away to a far off land, spontaneously, just because and coming home to tell the stories of the adventure.

Tonight, I just returned from spending time with my dear friend.  She reminds me that I’m loved and cared for and valuable.  She reminds me that life changes and as we have grown up from 19 years of age together to our roaring 40’s we have seen a lot and done a lot and there is more to come.  Life has meaning and although it is not the end all of our existence and God has better things in store, life is important today.

We watched the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”.  Each scene reminded me of my mind and the places of dreaming that I go at times.  The things I think about but dare not live out.  I hears many things that the Lord was speaking to me in this movie. 

~Beauty does not seek attention.

~Moms are important and boys don’t really understand that until one day they see the value and when it counts they truly will appreciate it.

~Dreams and far out fantasy is not real and yet if you have a dream big enough and put your mind to it, you could live an adventure like no other.

~Calculated risk is important to abundant life. 

~Investing in another person’s life can look like a skateboard or a pat on the shoulder.  It doesn’t have to be earth shattering.

~Movies rarely show people going to sleep and waking up the next morning.  It is one continuous story, day after day, kind of like my life these 5 short days of 2014.

Sleep depravation will take its toll, beware.  I almost jumped in a wading pool today.

Good night.

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