Fear in Life

Truth: I have no fear in death

Truth I realized today: I have fear in life

One of the perks of being an exhibitor at these conferences is that you get to eat the amazing(sometimes) food) and listen to the speakers (if you choose).  Today for lunch we had parmesan crusted chicken, chickpea side-dishy thing, and cooked carrots.  The speaker was amazeaballs…..

Warren MacDonald an experienced mountaineer and committed environmental activist was crushed by a massive slab of rock on April 9, 1997 and was trapped for 2 horrendous days.  TEN short months after his double above-knee amputation he climbed to another mountain.  In 2003 he became the first double above-knee amputee to reach the summit of Africa’s tallest peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro. 

“When we change the way we see the world, WE change the world” ~ Warren MacDonald

Warren has no legs but it has not stopped him from running the race.  He’s not afraid of life.  He says that “going through life without legs isn’t that big of a deal and it isn’t really ever that hard.”  REALLY?  because I have two legs and life really is that hard.  Or is it just my PERSPECTIVE…

Warren taught me that my perspective changes everything. 

At times my perspective keeps me from living.  It keeps me from leaving my comfort zone and living.  I have a God given passion inside of me that I continue to push aside because of my perspective.  Because I can’t.  I am afraid of the path I have to get on to take me to the place where my passion can live.  I’m afraid to live the life that would lead to the destiny God has for me.  I’m afraid.

Death, not so bad.  Life in my purpose, deathly paralyzing.

This may not even register on your “I get it” scale.  This may be one of those entries that is just about me…or not.  What does your perspective confine you to do? or not to do?

No more fear in life for me.  I have put a stop to that in JESUS NAME, and now fear is not here, but if I’m honest with you, its still a bit scary…living life unafraid.  What is next?

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