writing the dreams

Sometimes you just have to write down your dreams.  It doesn’t mean you are going to get on the path to making them come true or even that they do have to come true, but there is something powerful about writing them down.  I don’t know if its just that it gets it out of your head, into a less dreamy place and into a more tangible reality.  Or if, as you write them down, some become more real and necessary, while others become less desirable.  Either way today I write my dreams….

1)To write.  Not just on this blog, with the extra seconds of my day but to really have a space to sit and write and contemplate and get my soul onto paper. 

2) To learn:  more then just self learning but deeper.  Master’s degree deeper…Theology deeper…counseling deeper….and the time to do it. 

But really isn’t that what is keeping me from pursing these first two dreams anyway?  time…money….

3) Baby Joshua…there is to be a third child in my life.  Now don’t get all “She’s 43 (almost) how can she want a baby”.  I don’t, or atleast I don’t think so but the dream or vision of “Baby Joshua” is as strong as it was 7 years ago…I have no idea what it means or what it will look like but I think ‘it’, ‘he’, is still out there.  It may not even be a real baby, but clear as day I heard the Lord tell me that there was to be third child…**maybe it was “BUDDY” not babySmile.   Buddy the big husky came into our life a couple of months ago.  Maybe his real name is Joshua.  Maybe my 3rd dream has already come true in Joshua the Husky boy?

4) Wide Open Spaces…I want a house, just a clean simple home, without tile countertops, close to town..super close..like just not very far away from a coffee hut or a grocery store; on a little piece of property.  I would like it to have a shop for my husband to play in, perhaps a pond where the dogs can frolic, a chicken coop, a garden, a couple goats, maybe an alpaca and a porch with a rocking chair.  OH also a view of the mountains.  That’s all.

5) Beach time.  I would like to move my life to the beaches of Hawaii.  But a trip there would suffice…I know…what a sacrifice I’m willing to make. But seriously this dream is so stuck in my head I think about running away to that rolling tide EVERY SINGLE day!

6)Children that seek hard after the Lord.  They are in their early teens=years so what does that even mean or look like for them?  They seek as hard as they can after things that they want but even that seeking isn’t as hard as I want them to seek after the Lord.  This is my fervent prayer. 

7) Ministry.  I’m so excited to meet with the ladies that are soon to gather at Camp Lutherwood, I can hardly stand it. (Women’s retreat: first weekend in August).  BUT I NEED MORE OF THIS. More time in one on one ministry, more time pouring my life into others, more time teaching women, more time with God and people all shaken up and pouring over…..

7 Dreams

Do you want to do me a favor?

Pick one of those dreams of mine and pray for me.  Which dream did the Holy Spirit highlight for you when you read it?  Pray for that.  For me.

If you comment a dream that you have, I’ll pray for you!


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