Lets get religious!

You’ve heard the saying “it’s a relationship not a religion” when referring to being a Christian, which is true in some sense.  Being a Christian isn’t some set of rules or regulations you keep.  You aren’t more Christian because of the things you do or the amount of time you spend going to church.  Being... Continue Reading →

Resetting the Rhythms

Have you ever felt like you have no rhythm?  Like somehow your beat got weak and your patterns are a little off?  Well, I have the fool-proof way to reset your rhythm.. Go to the beach! Today I went here:   And sat here:   And watched this:   We arrived when the tide was... Continue Reading →

Five Fridays

Sand in my toes, breeze through my hair, waves crashing on the shore…heading out today for my 5th Friday.  The beach is on of the secret places where God meets me for deep thoughts and inspiration.  He uses the beach to balance my inner being and give me strength for my tomorrow’s. **on a side... Continue Reading →

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