Put your right foot in, put your right foot out….

…You do the hokey-pokey and you turn yourself around.  (pat pat) That’s what its all about. (clap clap)

Today you are joining me on a Blog Hop!  It’s a silly group dance that has some profound meaning in our universe and leads other writers to connect with each other on their process of writing.  My lovely friend, Andrea Noelle, invited me to allow her to hop to my blog and direct others to read about my writing process.  I, of course, won’t miss out on one bit of a writing, studying, self evaluating challenge and so here I go.  But first jump over to Andrea’s blog and read all about her process which is more put your whole body in, pray and wait, type of writing.  Where as mine is really one foot at a time…

What are you currently writing?

I am not a CURRENTLY WRITING A BOOK OR LITERARY ACCOMPLISHMENT type of writer.  At this point in my life, although the books live inside of me, they have not had the courage (read: TIME) to jump out of me onto the paper.  Therefore, I am currently writing about my girl crush, Jen Hatmaker and how cool she is and how her writing inspires me.  I am writing whatever the Lord himself gives me to write.  And I am writing what I discover in God’s word through my own personal study and meditation.  I’m basically writing whatever is in  my mind, whenever it gets there and wherever I have the time to write said thoughts down.

How does your writing differ from others in your genre?

Say what??  I’m a 43 year old illiterate that likes to write but has no sense of correct grammar nor the understanding of language art terms like “genre”.  I had to look it up.

GENRE: a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.  synonyms:
category, class, classification, group, set, list; type, sort, kind, breed,variety, style, model, school, stamp, cast, ilk.

So that didn’t really help either. 

My Genre is the Tracy Lynn Paul style of “Share Your Heart no matter what the cost and no matter how vulnerable it makes you” kind of style.  I put my right foot in and my right foot out, I put my right foot in and shake it all about and out comes something that some people (like my mom and my aunt and sometimes my husband) like to read.  This Genre has not taken flight yet as it is really a “post your diary” on the web type of style that most people tend to shy away from.  Perhaps I’m a forerunner!

Why do you write what you do?

Because if it stays inside of me someone is going to get hurt.  That someone being me.  I learned from an early age that if I don’t put my feelings and thoughts on paper or get them out of my head through talking, I start to collapse from the inside and life gets hard.  I am happy to talk about all this stuff and my therapist was a good sounding board for about 6 solid years but there were still words leftover that had to go somewhere so I put them here, on this little corner of the internet.  I have no idea WHY I do this to myself or to you.  I suppose I could lock them behind a key in the paper pages of my journal but what a waste that would be.

I’ve always been a believer in the idea that people need what YOU GOT!  They need what I have.  Together we are whole in Christ, separate we are a doomed creation.  My life thus far has been colored by some AMAZING things and some NOT so amazing things.  I’ve “been there done that” and because of the struggles and the life and the circumstances, I’m sure that there is someone that needs what I have come to know and so I write.

How does your writing process work?

My writing process begins with a thought or a question.   Usually it comes through the time I spend meditating on God’s word or through prayer.  Often times it comes as I’m sweeping the floors or getting ready to fall asleep.  I’ll write the entire blog in my head and then begin to panic that I won’t get to a computer or my journal fast enough.  I’ve lost MANY blogs due to this problem.  Once the words are given and I have a medium (another word for paper, computer, etc..not a medium as in fortune teller, HA!) to get them out, they just roll out onto the page or the screen.  I rarely proof read and you can tell by my errors.  I should proof read more. 

I have often thought about how my writing process would work if I had a beautiful space like this:


and some dedicated time and a specific assignment and all of God’s Glory in sight?

Someday, I tell ya, someday….

NOW you can hop on over to these two blog sisters of mine and they will share with you all of their secrets to their writing!  ENJOY!

Life, Love, Lessons, and The Lord and Nosh and Nurture


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