3 frustrations, 3 fabulous finds

SHHHH, the house is quiet.

I’m sitting in a CLEAN, completely quiet house!  My feet are soaking in a warm bucket of water, I can hear the wind chimes outside, my daughter is rafting, my son is napping (surprise, surprise this is all he has done this summer), my husband is walking two of our dogs and here I sit.

I had to take a moment and grab my computer to tell you that next week I’ll be writing about my FIVE FRIDAY’s in August and how momentous they have been.  Its been interesting for me how the SHIFT(my word of the year) of 2014 has taken form.  Part of that SHIFT meant me taking EVERY Friday in August off from work.  I think you’ll be interested to hear what God has done with these days.

Today, I give you 3 frustrations and 3 fabulous finds.


1.  The fly population is out of control.  We have 3 dogs and a traeger smoker.  This means our back door is open 75% of the day and the flies have decided that our house is the best hang out spot in Bend, Oregon.  They are ridiculous.

2.  Dust.  I would like to partner with someone to create a dust barrier for all surfaces that is both economical and fashionable.  Can I get an amen.

3.  Flossing with braces.  I haven’t mentioned this lately on my facebook feeds because I think a couple updates about braces and their angst is enough but seriously…couldn’t we just have removable braces?  I understand that teenagers couldn’t be trusted with such innovation but I promise I would only take them out twice a day to floss and maybe for eating corn on the cob! Blessed.

Fabulous Finds:

1.  Kombucha Tea.  Webmd says:  Some call it ] “elixir of life,” but no matter what you call it, kombucha is one of the hottest trends in health beverages. The fermented tea drink has been around for centuries but recently became popular in the U.S. because of its purported health benefits. Regular drinkers of the tonic claim it aids digestion, sleep, weight loss and detoxification; stimulates the immune system, prevents cancer, stops hair loss, and improves liver function.

I call it awesome.  We have a growler that we refill with this effervescent goodness and it makes me feel special.  Try it!

2.  Noonday Collection:  I want to buy everything on this site, especially this: bagTheir stuff is great! and its for a good cause.  This organization creates an economic opportunity to the most vulnerable.  They provide jobs at living wages, no interest loans to artisans, scholarships, emergency assistance and long term trade opportunities.  Buying there stuff aids in the fight against poverty and injustice.  I should buy it, don’t you think??

3.  Birchbox and IPSY.  I have signed up to receive a mailing of sample beauty products from Birchbox.com and Ipsy.com.  I know its silly, but it brightens up the middle of my month like the sun shining on a grey day!


Wasn’t that fun?  Carry on with your weekend, go in peace, serve the Lord!

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