Resetting the Rhythms

Have you ever felt like you have no rhythm?  Like somehow your beat got weak and your patterns are a little off?  Well, I have the fool-proof way to reset your rhythm..

Go to the beach!

Today I went here:

photo 2


And sat here:

photo 3


And watched this:


We arrived when the tide was out and sat and simply watched until the tide came in.  We knew when the tide was in because the waves came right up over the edge of the ledge we sat upon and touched our toes.  For over 3 hours we sat and watched and breathed and were mesmerized by the rhythm of the waves. 

Tomorrow is our Birthday! 

photo 1

Today we spent the last day of our 42nd year resting, preparing, breathing.  I can’t think of  a better way to end a year and tomorrow we can’t think of a better way to start a year than letting the waves send us forth with balance and a freshness to our soul’s. 

I love that God built this auto-tuner into His creation.  I love that we are free to partake in the divine and called to be a vessel for God.  I love that the beach is close the where I live and that my God is closer.  I love that the seagulls know just the song to sing and that the waves don’t forget what they were made to do. 


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