The Moment Between the Bells

There is a moment between the bells that you realize you are more real then ever before but that your life has less meaning then you originally thought. You begin to understand that eternity is forever and this life is not. You see that the moments count as everything but your days mean nothing. These... Continue Reading →

Peace comes from pausing

The Seven Sacred Pauses bring a peace that passes all understanding. If you just joined me here, take a moment to look back on the past posts to know what i'm talking about as we discuss my journey this month through Seven Sacred Pauses. I have not hit all seven pauses in any of these... Continue Reading →

The ringing of the bells

As I embark upon this journey of trying to marry the monastic lifestyle of prayer and mindfulness of God throughout the day, with a busy woman’s life, I am discovering my imperfections and the difficulties of discipline.   This call to take 7 Sacred Pauses throughout the day is a challenge but I did better on... Continue Reading →

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