Being a Monk…

The monastic lifestyle is not for the faint of heart or for the traveling mother who is coming back from vacation, the day before school starts, and needs to reunite with her children and go grocery shopping and those sorts of things.

Day one of the 7 Sacred Pauses was a complete joke.  Here is what was wrong:

  • I didn’t set the “Ringing of the Bells” to chime.
  • My sacred journal was packed in the back of the car
  • I was driving back from vacation with my husband on our way to be reunited with our children whom we haven’t seen in 4 days.
  • It is the day before school starts back for the kids and the almost 16 year old didn’t have pants yet.
  • The boy also needed a haircut
  • There was grocery shopping that needed to be done in order for lives to be sustained.
  • I haven’t showered today.
  • I’m feeling unbalanced since leaving the rhythm of the waves at the beach.
  • I have my ‘work’ nagging at me because tomorrow is payroll and the beginning of the month which always means: BUSY!
  • My house is not in order

Here is what went right:

  • I remembered God was present in my every moment more often then yesterday
  • I paused in my mind (even when the people around me were talking or the TV was on) and turned my focus to My God.

Tomorrow will be better:

  • The Bells are set to ring
  • My journal is handy
  • I am determined to pause…for realzSmile

**Will write about these 7 Sacred Pauses soon.  What they are and what they mean…soon.

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