The Moment Between the Bells

There is a moment between the bells that you realize you are more real then ever before but that your life has less meaning then you originally thought. You begin to understand that eternity is forever and this life is not. You see that the moments count as everything but your days mean nothing. These bells remind you that life is real but that it is perishing. You realize that nothing matters except that which is truth. Truth comes from God and you only get it by knowing Him.

The seven sacred pauses of the day take you to a place that has meaning and yet is void of any purpose outside of God.

Yes, I will write of the additional 5 pauses (I can’t believe I haven’t given you more then 2!!). But I had to take this moment to tell you that there is this time between coming to know Jesus as your only hope for salvation and the time of the entering of eternal life, it is called sanctification. It is here, in the process of sanctification where we become more like Christ. It is in this time that all pain is felt and all struggles seem as though they will go on for all eternity. It is the place of sweet peace and horrid struggle that can only be endured with the blanket of the Holy Spirit.

I pray that as you might take a moment and journey through the seven sacred pauses, or maybe just PAUSE, that you would come to first know Jesus, but then to know the brevity of life and how, although it is fleeting, every step you take means the world and yet has absolutely no meaning apart from bringing Glory to God.

How is it that my mundane life could bring any glory to the creator of all things?

I pray it be so Lord, I pray it be so.

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