When the bells stop ringing…

September 21, 2014:  The last day I wrote on this blog.


I did take the month of September to take a journey through my days, with 7 sacred pauses.  I have not written more about this because it transported me to a different space and time.  The Lord has taken me and continues to lead me on this journey of transforming how I look at life. How I look at making dinner.  How I look at parenting teenagers.  How I look at my church. How I look at my work.  How I look at the people I come into contact with. How I look at the poor and how I look at the rich. How I see this nation.  How I find peace.  I put on new glasses when I started walking through the 7 sacred pauses and I haven’t been able to shake them.

This is a good thing.

If you want to know more about the 7 sacred pauses, take a look at this Blog by A Mindful Journey.  This is a great summary of these 7 sacred pauses.

Some of you might find relief to know I turned off the bells.  They don’t ring on my phone throughout the day anymore but I have something better.  Its the Holy Spirit.  I have found that this walk through the bells in September has stirred up a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit that wasn’t there before.  As I mentioned I am learning to look and experience life differently.  This is a very welcomed change.  Its not easy but it has created a sense of peace that is just getting stronger daily.

Here is what I learned in a nutshell.  God is Sovereign.  Meaning everything that comes into my life and out of my life has gone through my Father’s hands before it ever comes to mine.  I can trust that every moment, every choice, every struggle, every joy, has been sovereignly given and designed for me at that given moment and time.  I can trust that there is no challenge that surprises God. I can know that with each mundane moment at work and each joyous moment in life, GOD is the one who put me there.  This makes everything I do, everything I put my mind on, everything purposed in my life as an opportunity to Glorify God.

So, when I have car trouble, I praise the Lord and look for His Glory.  When my family is a part and strife is lurking around the corner, I look for God’s Glory.  When my daughter spends two days breaking every one over her personal best times at a swim meet, I just marvel at God’s Glory.  I point to Him.  When family members pass away, my heart is quickened to look for God’s Glory and not be overcome with grief.  When I am lonely, His Glory.  When I am frustrated, His Glory.  When I laugh, His Glory.

When the bells stop ringing…His Glory.

His Glory.

Always His.

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