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Sharing My Heart

I often times wonder what life would have been like as a stay-at-home mom.  I wonder how many educational degrees I would have or how clean and organized my house would be(I know all you stay-at-home moms are laughing in my face right now but indulge my wayward thinking).  I wonder if my kids would be better scholars or have more interests.  I wonder if I would be closer to Jesus or if I would have memorized more bible verses.

It has been 10 days of stay-at-home mom for me.  No work, no agenda, just mommying and wifeying and homemaking.  I took some naps too and did the whole Christmas celebration thing as well, but mostly its been just doing life, in my house, with no work.

I love it!

As we speak, there is cinnamon roll dough rising over the fireplace (my husband is going to go crazy because…

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