Someone said last week, "You have a blog?" HaHa, Yep, I have a wouldn't know much about that given the last year of only 4 posts in 2018 but I've long been a writer!  As a matter of fact since March of 2008, there have been 418 posts published here, 179211 words written, 12690... Continue Reading →

Today, I offer you a guest post by my daughter Abby.  She has creatively titled this "Creative writing final" which she wrote for her AP Literature class.  You'll soon know that her writing is much more creative then the title!  Thank you Ab's for allowing me to proudly share your heart!  I love you!  ... Continue Reading →

It has been 340 days since my last post.  I have been MIA for 8160 hours. Why, you ask?  Well let me tell you! After the new year, I dove head first into finishing my ACBC counseling exam and in April I started the supervision phase of the certification.  After writing 92 pages in exam... Continue Reading →

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