All things new

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens
Ecclesiastes 3:1

It was our families season for new beginnings. On March 25th God put together a union that not only represents Christ’s love of the church but is also a testement to God’s divine providence. God indeed worked it together for good. This isn’t just about a marriage but it is about the blessing of a family. Marriage is intended to be a living example of Christ’s relationship with the church. It is to be a picture to our children that uncovers the mysteries of sacrificial love and honor and commitment.

My kids are Hamaker’s and this marriage doesn’t take away from that fact, it adds to it. There is peace where there has been instability, there is joy where there once was sorrow and there is hope where hoplessness dwelled. This day is the beginning of all things new. This day we begin a living testemony to Christs love and a tangible reflection for my children to learn from and guide them.

And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” (Revelation 21:5)

It was important for me to create a moment for my children to experience being part of God working the brokenness they’ve experienced into something good. It was important to me that they have something they can take away from this day knowing that they are loved beyond beleif and that God had indeed blessed them!

All 4 of us have one of these. It says "God worked it togehter for good" and there are two pennies on each keyring. One penny with the year of our birth and one for the year we became a family. The day my children were born is precious to me and its precious to my wonderful husband. He loves them and knows he is called to them, you can read a little bit about that calling under the post “How redemption came”.

We will forever profess that God's word is true and we will remember “God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

All praise to Him who has called us to such a time as this!


I’m in the process of becoming Mrs. Brek Paul….today is our wedding day!

I would like to personally welcome you to my new digs….do you like the location? I find it to be nice and tidy and very fresh! I’ll decorate it with pictures and pondering and purpose soon. But for now I’m getting my hairs done and my face did so I can say I do and he can say he does. I’m full of anticipation and very much looking forward to becoming the one and only wife to Brek Paul. How was I chosen for such a blessing?

Today I celebrate! Join me and tomorrow you’ll hear more.


….don’t worry I’m not blogging on my wedding day, I had these two posts ready before I left town. I’ll be giving my undivided attention to the groom:)

I do and I move

I’m a mover an a shaker, I’m a planner and a detailed planner at that.  It’s a spiritual gift.  I was born an administrator and a teacher.  It has come in handy to manage my family business over the years and it comes in handy for times like planning weddings and getting the details of name changing in order.

When you change your name in todays society, its not like the olden days….we aren’t talking just change your drivers license, social security card and names on bills.  No, we are in different times.  There are things like twitter accounts….facebook pages….blogs.  The things that really matterSmile

The one good thing about this sort of change is that it can be done in advance.  No marriage certificate required.  The other important changes legally need to be made after we have a marriage license…but the social media things can be changed at anytime.  Which is really good for a planner!

So, soon after our marriage begins on 3/25, immediately following the I Do’s and He did’s….you’ll find me at a different address.  You’ll need to just go to my website…  Fun huh! The first post you’ll find there will be a continuation in the God Worked It Together for Good proclamation….its part of the beginning of this new bonus family God created when he brought Mr. Wonderful into my life and into the lives of my kids.

Look forward to seeing you there…..I’m leaving on a jet plane to say….