Happy Monday

So glad it is Monday!  Do you ever hear anyone say that?  Well, I admit it, I love my weeks.  I like the order of it, the routine, the divine appointments that God sets up for me.  I anticipate great things.  But before I go there let me reminisce about my weekend:

~I cooked a meal(always a surprise in our home) and as usual I cut my finger.  Not bad, just enough to hurt as I type:)

~I did 2 loads of laundry, there is still more to be done, but so help me if any of you are ever FINISHED with laundry, please let me know how that happens.

~I read…mostly the bible this weekend, but also finished ‘Breakthrough Prayer’ by Jim Cymbala(good book, must read again).

~I laughed because my family is funny.  Abby kept doing cheers on in the front room, little performances(reminded me of myself). Noah called my cell phone while I was running an errand today to see if I could bring him home dinner…do your 9 year olds do that?  I told him to make some Top Ramen, was that OK? 

~My husband got yet a NEW man bag.  It is my favorite one thus far. 

~Going into Monday…It looks good so far, but I don’t have Soy Milk and therefor can not use my wonderful Latte’ maker–Honey, I’ll have to go to StarbucksJ

Oh and the dogs get groomed this morning, that always makes for a good dayJ

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  1. The key isn’t necessarily that they learn to say no to early…you’ll be glad your boys know the word NO when they are teens…but we just need to teach the little guys how to say no to the right things:) I can’t wait for little Alexander to talk your ears off. I’m experiencing that from my Abby and my parents are so glad I get a taste of what they endured in my childhood. You were a talker as well, I understand, so get ready!!!
    Thanks for visiting my Blog! I love you, Tracy

  2. Tracy,

    Hat’s off to Abby for doing cheers on a Monday! We should all embrace the new work week with cheers and enthusiasm. Too much focus goes into what is wrong in our lives and what we can’t control.

    God is in control and he knows what is best.

    Noah’s decision to call you while you were out running errands – priceless, especially since you had him fix Top Ramin! 🙂

    Too often we tell our children, NO. Our son Cameron, just the other day, said that he couldn’t wait for his little brother, Alexander, to say NO. I said how sad it is that so many children learn the word no so soon. Cameron, not skipping a beat, said “yes, it is!” Cameron then asked if he could have another piece of cake…I responded, “We’ll see.” 🙂

    In Christ,


  3. He puts a his bible, journal, gum and sometimes a water bottle in his man purse, I mean bag:)
    I would prefer just to order out but I’ll pray about the knife skills book!!
    Love you!

  4. Tracy, what does he put in that man bag?
    Hope your week is filled with God surprises.
    I heard there is a great book on knife skills. Could save those precious digits of yours.
    Love you! L : )

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