Disturbing to Glorious

I woke up Friday morning to our bird friend.   He actually isn’t really friendly, mostly annoying, but also very intriguing.  Since April 22nd we have had a robin that flies into our window, bats at it and then flies back to the tree.  Flies into the window, back to the tree.  Window, tree, window, tree, window tree.  It was an all day thing but has now turned into an early morning, 6:00am-6:45am occurrence.  On this particular day the thought came to me, what if this is a bird from the Lord:)  (I know only I would think such an annoyance could be sent from on High).  But what if this little birdy had a mission to wake me up so I could get on my knees.  So I rolled out of bed(not really but I would have if it wasn’t so cold) and onto my knees(by now you know I’m on my knees in my spirit not physically;))  And I meet with  my Jesus, all the time hearing( clunk, flutter flutter, clunk flutter flutter).  Thus starts my day…

The next scene, extremely disturbing, so much so that my heart aches with the very thought of what I saw.  After dropping my wonderful ‘spiritual champions in the making’ off at school, I turn down the street.  And in only seconds I take in this scene, along with all the emotion feelings and heartache.  A daddy with a little boys backpack laying at his feet, gathering his sweet son into his arms from the car.  The young precious child, gives a big monster truck squeeze around his mighty fathers neck.  Daddy holds on to him so tightly almost to say that if he lets go the boy will be gone forever.  Daddy then kisses his son’s innocent cheek, places him gently on the ground, hands him his backpack, pats him gently on the head and gives him a papa-pat on the toosh and the little boy runs to the front door waving goodbye.  The daddy looks longingly, shuts the back door and walks around to the drivers side to get in and drive away.

Meanwhile, in the 3 seconds I saw, I’m crying, wailing, sick like I’m going to throw up because so many of our nations children wave goodbye to their daddies every week only to see them again in 7-14 days.  Why?  How can this be OK?  This could have been my precious babies.  We were that close.  Close to the heartache that I saw, close to the pain, close to the destiny this father and son live.  I know some of you are there now, some of you live this every weekend, some of you may have even had no choice but yet there you are, in the pain.

It is times like these that I say WHAT is the answer?  and all I hear is JESUS.  All I hear is ‘GOD CAN’.  All I hear is, there is not a good worldly answer, there is no worldly hope, there is no cure to this pain that can be found here on EARTH.  Your only hope is in Jesus.  He is the only one that can restore, He is the only one that can fill the hole, He is the only answer!  Gloriously the only answer.

I saw a bird fly across my path, it reminded me to pray.  I continued my drive down the road, on my knees.  Gloriously in His presence.

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  1. Tami,
    The really sad thing is the more you look around through the eyes of Jesus the more of this you see. It is everywhere, in all situations. It is not a respector of race, creed, societal class, gender or anything. It is everywhere, broken pieces on every street corner.
    Speaking of street corners have you notices the 3 politcal signs on our street. My neighbor has a Clinton sign, there is a McCain poster accross the street and an Oboma poster next to them. I told Marc I was going to make a Jesus sign that says: Pray Jesus comes back before we have to Vote!
    Love you! So glad you’ll be back with me Monday!

  2. Wow…now you have me crying at the picture you just painted. It’s so sad…and I do know that emptiness from watching my brother although his situation was reversed. Her mommy would bring her back after a couple of days and drop her back at her Daddy’s…talk about backward! You are right though…the only answer lies in Jesus. He is the only hope and way. Love you!

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