Where have you been?

Psalm 102:3 “For my days vanish like smoke…”

I know, not a very good analogy for today, since the smoke that blankets Central Oregon doesn’t really seem to vanish, but instead hangs around like a guest that has out warmed its welcome.  In any such case, I have been missing from the blog world for some time and many have inquired, “Where are you?”  or my personal favorite, “would you be inspired to write already?”  To which I responded, get your own blog(am I cranky?)!

With all that being said, my days have run away with me…Kids are out of school, work is busy(both of them), kids are out of school, there are big things that my friends are dealing with, other things I can not mention, kids are out of school(did I mention that yet?), baseball Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  EVERY WEEK!!, kids are out of school, camping on the weekends, doing the Hamaker Life!  Not that any of this is more important that imparting the deep wisdom that God has blessed me with(haha) to you, but it seems to have made my days vanish like smoke!  Up in a big ball of fire. 

God has been teaching me though, teaching me to rest in His presence, teaching me to be OK with a slightly chaotic schedule(it is ordered in His way), and God is teaching me many other things but as I read in Hebrews 5:11 “We have much to say about this, but it is hard to explain because you are slow to learn.”  I know, now you think I’m being a little spunky, too big for my britches:)

The truth is, God is teaching me Romans 4.  Read it, but don’t just read it, read it over and over.  Each time new life springs forth, new understanding.  I find that it has called me to read it multiple times in order to grasp the truth.  I haven’t let go of it yet,  it is hard to explain because I am slow to learn.  The biggest thing is that our righteousness comes through faith  in Jesus, God credits righteousness apart from works.  The joyous mystery of grace and justification through faith!


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