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I’m not missing, I’ve actually been found.  Did I mention it is summer and traditionally(for school kids) it means more time to do what you want.  For a mom of 2, a wife of one busy concrete man, a daughter who manages her families small but 35 employee business, a woman who is passionate to stand beside other women in challenging circumstances and a co-laborer in Christ.  This is a busy time of the year:)  I just love it though!  and I’ll tell you why in my next post.  Just wanted to check in before I check out and run around doing what I do!



PS…Tears to Glow sticks coming up

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  1. Oh Miss Natalie… I couldn’t agree with you more -except for the age thing as I’ll be getting there before either of you and 10.5 yrs doesn’t seem that far away! (That made my eyes BIG when you helped me realize that). I’ll see what I can do to wait for your response next post so that I can just say “ditto” without becoming uncomfortably gushy. Ahhh…. friends:) Holly

    Tracy, I just realized that I did not address you in this comment, but I know you are still out there doing what you do:) Side note- I’d never had my very own glow stick until last weekend. They are so much fun and added to the pleasure of staying up past my bedtime- they made me smile and so much more… I could begin a metaphoric ramble, but instead I’ll just say “Thanks!” to yet another friend that brought them:)

  2. OK, Crying here ladies…..
    Truly, I know I’m the one blessed by you Holly!
    And dearest Natalie….You warm my heart everytime I see you and every step we take together is like a huge jump! I’ll be your friend till eternity but when you are 50 I’ll only be 64 and we’ll realize together how young that really is!
    Here’s to life and the journey we are all on together, isn’t our God amazing? I can barely breathe thinking about His awesomeness…
    p.s. who needs to write blogs with commentors like you;)

  3. My heart is welling up with gratitude for you! I have to just take a moment to be gushy and girly and get all emotional on you! I am SO blessed by God himself and thankful beyond words, for your friendship! I love being with you and i miss you when im not. you make me feel safe, and you remind me that theres hope, no matter what the situation or circumstance or no matter what i feel inside. And when i am reminded of hope, i feel free to enjoy life. Hope lifts a weight off my back. The wieght of self-reliance, which inevitably leads to failure because i really cant manage life on my own. and when i think that i have to, i try so hard and in the end, i fall on my face. Hope is what lifts me up, back on my feet and tells me that failure, in my own efforts is not the end, but merely another opportunity to try again with the help of my God, in the absence of condemnation!

    well, anyway, i love you a lot. thank you for all you have done for me, for all you have allowed God to do thru you, for letting me tag along behind you and learn from your real life. I am so glad that we get to be friends til your 50! and hopefully still be friends when im 50! lol… think about that!

  4. “Tears to glow sticks…” does sound quite intriguing. Do tell:)

    You run circles around me at a dizzying pace during my season of R & R. It’s fun to be on the bleachers watching you team with God and GO. On the occasion that I link arms and become directly involved, I am truely blessed. Thanks for your friendship and always having room for one more:)
    Love ya~ Holly

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