Crying to Glow Sticks pt.2

We were stuck, one of us was sitting in the middle of the trail, tears streaming, unable to move.  As each of us caught up to this point we sat down.  I was praying, others were catching their breath and praying, I’m sure.  There were still rocks(burdens) in their hands.  Then a sweet song, so beautiful, so calming, so filled with God’s everlasting truth, we sang.  The beauty around us was amazing.  The majestic mountain cliff in the distance was full of power.  The trees surrounding us silently took in the struggle below.  The birds sang with us.    The one in the middle of the path stood up, took out her burdens and down they went, to the feet of Jesus.  Praise the LORD.!! Then silence.

The Lord gave me a picture, I was unable to contain it within.

Ladies, there are times in our Christian walk that we get decide to be content with where we are.  We’ve worked hard to get up this mountain, we’ve dropped burdens on our way, we are trusting God more than we did when we started.  We have an incredible view and we think, surely this is the top.  I’ve made it, God met me here and this must be what he wanted for me.  We had come so far, must we go to the top?  We were content to sit and praise God for how far he had brought us.

WE do that, don’t we?  WE come so far in life, we lay burdens down, the scenery changes and we sit content wit the little piece of goodness God has given.  But He has so much more in store for you.  It is at this point that we stop, we like where we are because it is better than where we were before.  It doesn’t seem like abundance, but maybe our expectations were to high.  This must be it, so we sit content. 

But then something happens, you realize God has more, lots more, abundantly more.  The path ahead looks harder, more demanding.  Are you willing to risk leaving this place of contentment for the abundance God has?

WE got up and climbed the rest of the way…many switchbacks, burning lungs, too hard, press on, breakthrough will come.

You can see a glimpse of a better view, more vast than ever before…perseverance…..dedication….BREAKTHROUGH.

We made it to the top!  The mountain is conquered.  Beauty like never before.  But ya know what, some of us made it to the top borrowing from the faith and strength of others.  They knew they had made it but the burdens were still there.


…How do you get to the glow sticks?  Through a battle….its coming….see you tomorrow!

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