In Memory of Ms. Cathy

A Little over 4 years ago we were in search for a nanny.  My kids were 2 and 5 and my business was getting to the point where I needed help during the day in order for my  work to get done.  We reluctantly put an ad in the local paper.  I say reluctantly because you never know who will answer a ‘nanny’ add in the paper.  We had tried a nanny agency and were not at all happy so we decided to look ourselves.  We received many resume’s from people with past experience in Banks and other non-related experience but one we received from Mary Poppins herself.  Or it might has well have been from Mary Poppins. 

Ms. Cathy’s letter to us was amazing…she wrote how she would play, teach, tend to and love our kids.  She told us that she had raised 4 children and had 11 grandchildren.  I called her immediately.  In our first phone conversation Ms. Cathy did most of the talking.  She had mentioned in her letter that she enjoyed teaching biblical stories to kids and so when I asked her about that she asked if I knew Jesus as my personal Savior.  After telling her my quick testimony about growing up in the Lutheran church and now attending Westside Church.  She said OK, but are you sure you are going to Heaven.  Have you received Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.  I assured her I had and she said “Well, I would like to meet your family”. 

We met with Ms. Cathy, our children met with her and it was love at first sight.  For the next 3 years Ms. Cathy was a firm foundation in our home.  She was with us when Noah went to kindergarten for the first time, she was solid when Marc and I separated for 6 months, she was with us when Abby went to preschool and kindergarten.  She cooked us meals, she disciplined our children, she taught us all proper manners and mentored me as a mom! 

Words can not express how this Angel came to us and was given to us at such an integral time in our lives.  She and I had many long conversations about life and many more about Jesus. She helped raise our kids with the same desire we have…to see them become spiritual champions.  She was amazing a true Gift!

Last summer, Ms. Cathy was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.  Ms. Cathy didn’t feel comfortable with doctors and put off the symptoms longer than she should have.  She did get some treatment but really her hearts desire was that if the Lord was to take her she would have time with her family.  She was given a little over 1 year to spend quality time with her 4 children and their families. 

On September 7th, 6 days ago, early in the morning, God called her home.  Cathy had lived her whole life to see Jesus.  I know she was excited to meet Him face to face.  She had said her goodbyes, she had spent her time, she will miss us all dearly but she will see us again.  She went home to be with Jesus.

Abby and Noah have missed her this year.  Not a week goes by that someone in our home doesn’t say..”Ms Cathy says….” or”Ms Cathy would…” We miss her but we are filled with Joy because WE ALL know that she is dancing with Father God, she is serving her Lord and Savior in Heaven.  Abby is just sure that there are  many jewels on her crown in heaven.  Ms. Cathy taught my kids not to fear death but to anticipate that reunion with our Creator.

Today we celebrate her life and today I celebrate the life she brought to me.  I can guarantee you my family would not be what it is today without this Gift from God in our lives.  I will miss her, but I will see her again!  Hallelujah!

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  1. Thank you both!
    ~Alan, thanks for your willingness to share your faith and not hide it! God’s love is so real and you are right sometimes you just know it is GOD’s hand.

    ~Holy, you are right, one can do great damage to the gates of hell and Cathy did great things…she impacted the Kingdom of God in a way that will be remembered always!
    God’s grace to you!

  2. Oh Tracy… Thank you for sharing this special lady with us. Her story demonstrates the impact of one for the Kingdom of God. She lives on in your family.

    Love you-

  3. What an awesome gift your family was blessed to receive. And the fact that the Lord’s love through her will continue to permeate your lives. People sometimes wonder if there are such things are “love at first sight.” Didn’t you just know she was the one when you read about her the first time? I love it when God’s hand is so intimately involved that there really is no questioning, no wondering… It just Is.

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