Pain in the neck

neck pain This was what I looked like most of the day.  Holding my neck, thinking about  my neck, almost in tears over my neck, irritable over my neck, rubbing my neck.  A couple of years ago, I spent a lot of time driving too and from Salem, OR many weeks in a row and ever since then my neck has been in a fragile state and yesterday after hoisting a garbage bag full of yard debris into the dumpster, my neck returned to the painful place.  Doctor says I have a couple of bulging discs and the chiropractor says he can fix it, but it will take time.  Hmmm…time…pain…waiting…pain.

I have spent the majority of my day focused on the pain and discomfort.  Working at ways to do my normal activities in different ways. Like typing this page, with an ice pack on my neck:)  Or being frustrated because I can’t talk on the phone and type at the same time.  I’ve been consumed with this neck pain.

Then tonight, as I sat down to finish up my bible study, I wondered…if I spent as much time thinking about God, figuring out how to do life with God, being consumed by God things…wouldn’t life be interesting?  Where would that take me?  Every moment of every day, completely engrossed in Jesus, focusing on Him and how to do life with him.  Holding Him in my thoughts, crying over Him, irritable over the injustices in this world with Him in mind…I’m guessing it would take me to a place that would literally change the way I lived and reacted and impacted my world.  What if God was what consumed my world just like my neck did today?

My one and only prayer tonight is that God would become my ‘pain in the neck’.

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