The Cycle

Thanksgiving is over….next comes Christmas…then the new year….it just keeps going and going.  Each year the same dates come and go.  The same traditions bring stability to our celebrations and to our year.  We know what to do during these times and how to do it.  The turkey needs to be thawed days before it is cooked, pies need to be baked.  The Tree needs to be bought and set up in perfect timing so it doesn’t dry up to early. (unless you have a forever tree:) like me…we just  bought one, more on that later….)  But you get my point we have dates and traditions that anchor our year.  So what do we have that anchors us in our daily life?

We’ve been hearing a series at church about the ‘Divine Mentor’.  It stems from a book written by Wayne Cordeiro.  If you ever get an opportunity to hear him speak or grab one of his books, I would highly recommend it.  Anyway, Divine Mentor is the bible, that is really your basis for life.  The Divine Mentor captured me this morning and taught me something that is a cycle you and I should consider living in. Romans 12:11-12.

First let me say, I love verse 11:  Never be lacking in ZEAL, but keep your spiritual fervor serving the Lord.

Honestly Zeal and Fervor are just fun words.  Zeal means purposeful energy of action!  and Fervor means Hot!  So I am all for being a woman with hot purposeful energy of action!  How about you?

Verse 12 is the Cycle!  Be Joyful in Hope, Patient in affliction and faithful in prayer.

These three go together, you can’t have one without the other.  The joy you find in your hope in Jesus and God’s plan for you, gives you patience in hard times.  It gives you the ability to persevere by staying under the covering of hope.  A person in  affliction or turmoil needs to be a faithful prayer!  Faithful prayer, consistent prayer, brings hope.  Prayer brings a calm happiness, which is joy! Which we already established is needed in times of affliction.  I call this the CYCLE….Joy in Hope, leads to patience in times of affliction, affliction leads to praying diligently and diligent prayer brings joy to our hope.  It goes in a circle every time and every time you can’t miss a step in the cycle or it throws you into a spin out:)  So stay with it my friends.  Our lives are lived on the same timeline.  Keep this Cycle going and see how stability comes with this tradition.

Humbly submitted from a woman with hot, purposeful energy!

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  1. All three of you are hot purposeful women! That is for sure! Lets make a difference in our areas of influence. lets get a little hot, a little purposeful and make a little difference:)

  2. Tami totally stole my line! I was gonna say you ARE a hot woman! so i’ll just second that i guess….good blog! but its 1243 in the mornin and my thinker will not allow for any elequent words rite now….so….thats all i got, you hot, spaz! 😉

  3. “A woman with hot, purposeful energy…” sounds like a super hero to me! Not to mention one who avoids spinouts:)

    So, here’s a tangent and not very related to what you were intending to say. God works that way sometimes 🙂

    My human nature says I just need a portion of that hot, purposeful energy. I’m willing to be satisfied with an adequate amount of warm, even-keeled energy, but I’m learning that God isn’t satisfied with giving a portion of the whole.
    He just may want to give me my own super hero powers:)

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