I was baptized in the Catholic church as an infant

I was confirmed in my “faith” in the Lutheran church in Middle School

I was a fairly good kid in High School…but I spent some time in the gutter

College was interesting, I remember some of it

I served for 6 summers at an outdoor ministry and found Jesus as my personal savior at the age of 20

I got married to a man who believed in Jesus

I continued attending the Lutheran Church on Sundays (while secretly attending the midweek service at a local Foursquare church)

When I moved to Bend we made Westside Church our home. 

I found out what life with the Holy Spirit in the very center of my being is all about

I exercised “tough love” 4 years ago, which led to some challenges

4 years ago, I learned what FAITH was all about, I’ll never go back

I’ve been mostly coasting the last 3 years, serving and ministering where called

Just in the last 2 weeks I outgrew my comfort shell and was forced to move out

I’m now running naked, like a hermit crab, in search of the new shell.

Good news is I can’t fit back in the old shell, bad news is I’m butt naked

This is a vulnerable time

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  1. I loved your little “naked butt” and still do. I’m reminded of a picture I have of you crawling in your nakedness, looking at me with a camera in my hand, and a twinkle in your eye. I love knowing the “twinkle” still shines in those eyes. You’re so right on when you say “Life is good”, and we are very blessed to be able to “love it” as we “live it”.

  2. My ladies…you are all fabulous! Mom you should really start a blog of your own:) I love your words!

    Confession…a telling of ones faith….A confession of faith.

    This is surely life mom and I think you are 100% right on to say I am clothed in the Righteousness of God. Not naked in that sense. But naked in the sense that my old ‘thought life’ is now gone and restructuring a new one, one that does live freely and openly is vulnerable, as if being naked. I actually just wanted a reason to write Butt Naked in a blog!

    Life is Good, I know it, I live it and I love it!

  3. Confessions? (the admission of misdeeds or faults) This sounds like “life” to me. And growth. Naked? You are perfectly clothed with the Righteousness of God. Hardly naked. Being “out of a shell” sounds like freedom to me. Do you really need another “shell” to crawl into. No – live freely and openly in the love of God. Continue to grow in Him. Settle back into life and live it knowing you are in His hands. Love you mostest – Mom

  4. I love that God is growing you and will relish the opportunity to see what your new shell-home will look like 🙂 Let me know if I can roll up my sleeves and help with the remodel. In the meantime, you can streak on over to our favorite coffee hut and call a rendezvous anytime!

    Love, Holly

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