~A state of peace agreed to, a cease fire, a truce, an end to hostility.

Today used to be know as Armistice Day, or Day of Remembrance, it is now Veteran’s day.

November 11th   (11/11)

Back in 1918, in the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, a stop to hostilities was declared, ending World War I.  An armistice was signed to cease the fighting.

Today, I wonder what do you need to sign an armistice with?  What do you need to stop fighting?  What hostilities need to be declared out of commission?

Today, I declare an armistice a state of peace.  I think we each have something that could use a little(or a big) armistice.  So, won’t you join me!?  Make a declaration to stop hostilities and begin peace talks.  Call down God’s Glory and EXPECT Him to show up.

As I started this day, I had no idea that it would be a day God would make himself known with such grandeur.  I’ll admit I haven’t started many days recently in expectation that God would do anything out of the ordinary.  Sad isn’t it?  When you take a moment and think about how our UNexpectant hearts are leading us to perhaps miss the Glory of God.

I will not share with you the details of the GLORY, however, I will share with you the advice to take heart and open your eyes expectantly when you awake each day.  It is to precious to miss and to important to remain unaware.  Be open to God’s goodness and to the blessing he wants to share. 

I want to be present WITH God so that I don’t miss the opportunities to make declarations that will change the future, declarations that will bring the Kingdom of God, declarations that feed and nourish my spirit, declarations that make a difference in my life and  in the lives of others.  Declarations that bring peace.

Lord, may my heart outgrow my head and may your presence fill me up! 

11/11…The day hostilities were ceased and peace was declared.

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