Glory Revisited

2009, the year that went down in a ball of fire!

I’m simply amazed at what this year has brought, what I have learned and what Glory has come despite it all.  When I started the year, it started with gusto and the GLORY LIST!  I did the list, I found Glory in every day of 2009.  Truth be told.. as the year went on I kept writing the same thing. YOU GOD.  YOU GOD are the Glory.  YOU GOD bring the Glory.  Only  you God know that which brings Glory. You are Glorious God.

Yes, this year has gone down in a blaze of glory and it will be one of the most memorable years of my life, for all the very wrong reasons and yet for all the right ones too.  I will continue the Glory list for 2010 but I will fill it out in advance. I already know that each and every day Glory will come from our God on high.  I have no doubt of that and I sit rock solid in my faith and completely confident in My God.

So, tonight I’ll share with you three lessons I’ve learned in 2009.  They may help you with your 2010, I know they have made all the difference for me.

1.  You can only make lemonade with lemons.  I already knew this prior to this year but I’ve always pretended that my lemonade came from some mystery source.  I’d hide the lemons, or deny they were there.  UGH…give a shout out to the lemons for goodness sake.  Without them, there would be no opportunity to make lemonade!

2.  If you wait on the Lord  He WILL guide your steps and make your path straight!  Before this year, I would wait on the Lord until I got tired of waiting and then I’d make the best choice based upon what I think God would have me do.  This year I learned to wait on the Lord until HE moved.  And if He didn’t move I just went into His throne room and waited.  I love His throne room and I plan to spend more time there this coming year. Let me tell you that this makes all the difference and you see so much more of HIS GLORY.  It is truly a brilliant plan that God has.  He knows the plans He has for you, let him lay them out.  Wait on Him.

3. When  you think it can’t get worse it can…but have no fear, you TRULY won’t encounter what you cannot handle!  You can’t begin to understand this until you walk through your own dark night of the soul but trust me when I say it is true.

That’s it, enough lessons for me and perhaps just the right truth you need to begin your new year!  I never anticipated I’d be where I am today, or that I would have been faced with the challenges, circumstances and choices I’ve been honored with this year.  I’m pretty sure I screwed many of them up and I’m pretty sure I disappointed many, but I am confident that God is the God that makes all things new.  He WILL make all things work together for the good of those that love him and I am a forgiven child that is loved and even liked by God.  You are too…God waits for you, longs for you, wants to spend time with you!  He does and I know it. 

Child of the Most High King,


New Year Resolution for 2010?

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  1. Thank you Alan, for your long distance support. Amazing how the Holy Spirit connects those that haven’t even ben in touch for 20 years! God is good!

  2. Thank you for the insights you gained in 2009. Your strength, resolve and perseverance through potential spirit-crushing circumstances is a testament to the power of His Spirit. But it is also a testament to your individual spirit, Tracy. The spirit, the soul of You, who stepped into a conscious decision to allow your life and decisions to be led through and by the Lord’s plan.

    To choose wrong over right, is the gift of free will God granted us. Too many choose the path of wrong. But not you. “You have chosen … wisely.”

    I pray you continue to choose the right path. May you feel His Blessing and Support through every day of the year.

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