The Space Where IT will happen


I’m letting you in on a little secret… This is the place where all things great and wonderful will happen.  I have an office….Its in another room.  It used to be a multi-purpose “me” space. I would work there, I would read there, I would write there, I would study there, I would cry there, I would hide there.  It had to many purposes and it was very confusing to my spirit.  Every time I walked in that multi-purpose “me” space, there was no telling what was going to happen.  When work happened, my spirit longed to be with Jesus in His word.  When time with the Lord happened, my work was sitting right in front of me.  When crying happened, more crying came because the work was piled high.  When reading happened I was cold, because there is no heat in the multi purpose “me” space.  (but that’s another story) Things had to change.

Today they changed.  Today my little writing desk came.  Beautiful orange/yellow roses where cut.  A sweet smelling candle was lit and the snow fell outside.  This space has been lovingly claimed as God’s desk.  He and I will meet here.  We will accomplish great tasks and we will really enjoy our time together.   How wonderful it is to have this space. 

The other night I was just about to fall asleep when a light bulb went of in my mind and all of a sudden half of a book was written in my head. I didn’t get up and write it down because then I would have to go to the multi-purpose “me” room, sort through the work papers, clear off the crying chair, turn on the light and likely wake up the children.  Alas, the Lord is faithful and the creative file folder in my mind still contains the words that were given that night, but it desperately needs to come out!  It will come out at this desk and the rest can come anytime it wants too…the place is ready.

Something more than a new desk has happened, the heavens have been opened, the flood gates are no longer holding back and the slate is clean. 

Here we go…..

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  1. I love your ROOM! Love IT!!! I love your passion for truth and writers heart. I look forward to hearing about and/or reading first hand (hint-hint) the treasures that are able to be shared with others. Abundant Blessings to you 🙂

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