If you’ve just joined us on this blog, then you aren’t aware that today is a GREAT day.

ELEVEN has become a number of much significance in my life over the past 2 years.  So, this being the eleventh month and the day being the first day and the year being ‘10.  We’ve got 11/1/10…that’s a lot of ones and that reminds me that there is ONE God holding this girl in the palm of His hands and for that I’m thankful.  Notice, I didn’t say that today was an AMAZING day, just GREAT.  Next year, 11/1/11….that will warrant the AMAZING title. 

For now, I’ve decided to claim this month as an opportunity to give you ONE thing a day that I’ve contemplated.  Today it was “Love is a Choice”.

Simple as that.  You must choose to love.  Its not something you feel, as much as, it is an action you do.  And actions are usually things we carefully choose.  More than understanding that I myself have a choice to love, I am understanding today that others have a choice to love me.  My God chooses to love us.  As a matter of fact, He chose you from the foundations of the Earth and called you His own.  There is nothing you can do to earn His love or make Him love you more.  Is this perhaps true of others in our life as well?  May I offer that there is nothing you can do or not do to make someone love you more or less?  It is their choice. 

I can’t make someone love me more.  This is huge, coming from divorce and wondering if I tried hard enough.  If someone loves you, they love you.  Now that I’ve been walking the single road for over a year, God has had an opportunity to heal my heart.  By the time you realize that what you’re experiencing is not love, some significant healing has already begun to take place.  But when you come to a place where you can say without a doubt “Now, THAT’S love” you know God has done a good work.  The ability to know the difference came from understanding that love is a choice and from seeing clearly the Love God has freely given me.

I LOVE because I choose to love and I am LOVED because of someone’s choice!

Shouting across the expanse…”Now, that’s love”Smile

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  1. Never once doubted you’re love, Mamma! It’s your love that spurs me on to live as the woman God has created me to be!

  2. Shouting across the expanse……I Love You!!!!!

    “……ONE thing a day” Guess a little encouragement to write goes a long ways 🙂 I’m really lovin’ that!

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