You are the only you you’ve got!

Your ONE for today:  Self Care

In case you didn’t know it, you’re the only YOU you’ve got.  No matter what your age or health status, you can begin to take care of yourself today.  This is something I think I’ve been relatively good at and it’s become even more important for me today, as a single mom.  Taking care of yourself is imperative to taking care of others.  I think our society has somehow led us to believe that caring for yourself is self-centered and its better to serve others than yourself.  That is partly true, we should serve others, but how do you serve when you are half empty?

Here’s some things I do to make sure I’m as filled up and as ready to go as possible. 

1.  Start my day with Jesus.  Spiritual self-care is really the most important.  Without the Holy Spirit directing my day,  it will be a total fail for sure.

2.  Good healthy food…not all the time, just most of the time.  The rest of the time splurge on coffee, chocolate, popcorn, butter, and bacon.

3.  Vitamins…I know, your mamma spent most of your growing up years telling you to take your vitamins.  Now I’m telling my parents the same thing.  Vitamin C will kill a virus if you flush your system with it, huh dad!

4.  Exercise…UGH…I hate it but I do it.  I tried this summer to adopt running as a new-found love, but it didn’t work.  Regardless, a handful of times a week, go get your exercise on!  Even if its in front of the TV with a bowl of popcorn next to you, do some lunges, sit-ups, tricep dips…whatever, just do something to move your body.  You’ll feel better and your heart will pay you back by working a little longer for you in life.

5.  Massage, steam, rest, repeat….Massage is an ultimate must!  I’ve learned that without it I am grumpier, I have more pain and I’m not as healthy.  The steam room has become my prayer room.  It’s the quietest place I’ve found lately to steal away.  Rest…do you sleep enough?  Not getting enough sleep will make your face drop down to your neck and your responses to life become more jaded.  Sleep is not a guilty pleasure its a prerequisite to life! 

There ya have it…take what you want, throw the rest away and have a great day!

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  1. Failed severely the last 2 months on #2 and #4. I will pay for it for the next two months as I try to get my body closer to where it needs to be with good eating and lots of excercise!!!!! It’s the last part that I have the most trouble with – not that I don’t like to exercise, I just don’t give myself permission to take the time. I guess I’m just of product of your 5th sentence – but I think I will do my best to turn over a new leaf in that regard. Love you and thanks for the reminders.

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