The Sky Is Falling

Did ya hear the rumor that the world was supposed to end yesterday 5/21 at 6pm, EST. I’m really not sure where these people got their information. I know the Mayan calendar didn’t go past this date or something, but how in the world did they get the time 6pm Easter Standard Time?

Do you think God is constricted by the Mayan calendar? I assure you NOT. God’s time and space is nothing like our time and space. The bible says that NO ONE will know the time or day of the Lord’s return. I’m banking that this means the Mayan’s didn’t know that the 21st of May 2011 was the last day of civilization. I’m guessing that they just ran out of paper or someone got tired of carving little squares on a stone tablet:)

Here is what I do know….the idea of the world ending stirred up a lot of people. People quit their jobs for crying out loud! Some people gave their money away(probably not such a bad thing). I wonder how they will reconcile this on Monday morning?

Something in each of us longs for something more. Whether you believe in the heaven or not, you long for something more. We are searching and seeking. Trying and living. Failing and prospering. Your heart is longing to be filled and whether you believe it or not the only thing that will truly satisfy is God filling that space in your heart.

At the prospect of yesterday being my last day on Earth I personally stopped cleaning my house and put off doing laundry. I lived as though it was my last day. I spent some time in prayer, I read the bible, I played with my kids, I watched my kids play with their friends. I let my daughter mess up the kitchen TWICE with her baking and I hugged my son each time he came out of the MAN CAVE. I soaked up the sun for the 15 minutes it shined on my back patio. I planted some flowers and breathed in fresh air. I worshipped in the evening and prayed that the God of Heaven WOULD come down. Turns out yesterday wasn’t the day….

But today could be or tomorrow or the next day. I’m deciding to set my heart on Eternity, which means my days will look a little different and my choices will reflect a heart that lives for Jesus to come back. This is a lifestyle change that takes a person of purpose to attain. The world has a huge magnetic pull….but if you purpose to set your heart on Eternity you can train yourself away from the world. This is not your home, Jesus is preparing a place for you.

See you soon!

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